A new technological revolution in the 21st century - RFID technology

Currently, RFID has been applied in many fields such as manufacturing, logistics and retail. RFID products are very diverse. The goal is to reduce the price of electronic tags to 5 cents, so that RFID technology will be greatly popularized. Looking into the future, we believe that RFID technology will set off a new technological revolution in the 21st century. With the continuous advancement of technology, when the price of RFID electronic tags drops to 5 cents, RFID will become a part of people's daily life. The application elements are shown in Figure 2-12.

A new technological revolution in the 21st century - RFID technology

The main applications of radio frequency identification are as follows:

- real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking and automated production;

- cargo tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications and postal delivery;

- Real-time statistics, replenishment and anti-theft of sales data;

- equipment management, identification, electronic documents and anti-theft;

- material management, personnel management and vehicle identification and tracking;

- anti-counterfeiting, ticket security, car anti-theft and car positioning;

—— Real-time monitoring of operating status: real-time monitoring of load, inspection and loss to achieve efficient and integrated management;

- environmental tracking and monitoring;

-- Interoperability and interconnection of electronic products, communication products, and information appliances.

The RFID system is mainly composed of two parts: data acquisition and background application system. The standards that have been released or are currently being developed are mainly related to data collection, mainly including the air interface between the RFID tag and the reader, the data exchange protocol between the reader and the computer, the electronic tag and the reader. Performance and compliance test specifications, as well as data content coding standards for RFID tags. The back-end application system does not currently form a formal international standard, and only a few technical alliances have developed some specifications.

Figure 2-12 RFID application elements

RFID is a read-only or readable and writable data carrier. The most important data content carried by it is the unique identification number. Therefore, the unique identification system and its coding method and data format are an important part of the electronic label standard.

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