Access control system construction wiring specification

This article mainly introduces the wiring specification of 220V AC power cord, electric lock to controller line, card reader to controller line, button to controller line.

220V AC power cord
Use three-core power cord, the line cross-sectional area is above 1.0 square millimeter, and the power supply must be grounded to avoid power interference.
Electric lock to controller line
Use a two-core power cord with a line cross-section of 1.0 square millimeters or more. If it is more than 50 meters, consider using a thicker line, or multiple strands in parallel, up to 100 meters. For the magnetic door to the controller, it is recommended to select two core wires with a wire diameter of more than 0.3 square millimeter. If there is no need to know the switch status of the door online or the door does not need to close the alarm for a long time and the illegal interlocking alarm interlock function, the door magnetic The line can not be connected.
Card reader to controller line
The cross-sectional area of ​​the card reader wiring is ≥0.3 square millimeters, and the five types of network cables and super five types of network cables can be used. If you do not need a card reader to distinguish between a legal card and a illegal card by sound and light feedback, you can not connect BEEPER (blue) and LED (brown), the data line Data1Data0 is better for twisting each other; the distance from the reader to the controller Can not exceed 100 meters, it is recommended to be within 80 meters, if the distance between the reader and the controller is more than 50 meters, it is recommended to add bold or multiple shares to supply power to the reader, which will improve the performance of the reader. .
Button to controller line
It is recommended to use two core wires with a wire diameter of more than 0.3 square millimeters.
The TCP/IP communication line is the same as the wiring method of the computer network. The distance from the controller to the switch or HUB is less than 100 meters. The longer the distance is, the higher the quality requirement is. It is recommended to use a branded network cable.

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