Allowing more quality parts suppliers to benefit from a healthy and orderly after-sales market

From October 26th to 28th, the China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) was held in Beijing. The exhibition brought together automobile industry clusters, national auto and auto parts export bases and outstanding domestic and foreign Parts companies. The export base located at Shanghai Dongfang Auto Parts City also participated in this exhibition as the only trade-based auto parts export base in the country, and took the opportunity to introduce to the participating guests the new auto parts distribution model that it is trying its best to build.

The disorderly development of the automotive aftermarket has always been an issue that cannot be ignored by industry professionals. Its past “small, scattered, and chaotic” impressions are deeply rooted in the impression of consumers, so consumers tend to favor Seek repair service to a regular 4S shop. However, industry experts have always emphasized that the development and prosperity of the aftermarket is the new blue ocean for the Chinese auto industry in the future, and faces the status quo that China is the world’s second largest automobile ownership nation. The limited 4S stores obviously cannot satisfy the future sales of consumers. Service needs, how to create a healthy and orderly, healthy management of the after-sales environment has become the industry experts and parts and components companies to explore issues together. Shanghai Auto Parts City is committed to building a new model of automotive after-sales service business is undoubtedly a recipe for the industry to provide a reference to dysentery.

The International Auto Parts Brand Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition Center) located at Shanghai Dongfang Auto Parts City aims to gather domestic and foreign brand products and brand enterprises through a combination of physical exhibition halls and online exhibition halls. It is realized through professional brand planning and image packaging. The brand's rapid increase. The exhibition center not only provides a variety of services such as logistics, warehousing and display platforms for the settled companies, but also provides financial support, including financial settlement, inventory pledge and other services. Bosch, Valeo, Changhui, Luoshi and many other domestic and international brands have been attracted.

Different from the previous low entry thresholds, the exhibition center will invite top-level executives from major national auto parts industry base associations, authoritative media, OEMs, multinational corporations and national leading auto parts companies to form a strong lineup of suppliers. The committee screens and evaluates companies that have intention to settle in. End-users are locked into excellent product suppliers, and at the same time, they are pooling together excellent suppliers to compete fairly on a single platform, avoiding vicious competition due to mixed corporate standards. During the exhibition, some companies have already expressed their intention to enter the national auto parts and brand exhibition center, and conducted detailed consultation on this new model.

15 years of mature business environment, excellent location advantages, international industrial service platform, professional team, and rich commercial channels, the national auto parts brand exhibition center attracts high-quality parts suppliers with its own advantages. look. As the first person to eat crabs, the effect of the exhibition center has yet to be examined. However, for those entrepreneurs who are eager to establish orderly health, this move is undoubtedly a positive attempt and will have a bearing on the future development of the after-sales industry. Guiding significance.


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