ALMATEC electronic grade pneumatic diaphragm pump chemical applications

ALMATEC electronic grade pneumatic double diaphragm pump is specially developed for the high-tech electronics industry and highly corrosive media machine double plastic diaphragm pneumatic pump. The material is PTFE, conductive PTFE, PE, conductivity type PE, SS316L. Very suitable for high pollution, high risk, strong acid, low noise and clean room working environment pneumatic double diaphragm pump. Especially the printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor industry, packaging industry, super corrosive transport and optoelectronics industries such as the most suitable high-tech industries. Since the 1990s, with the rapid development of China's chemical industry and the domestic market, enterprises and manufacturers are more demanding and harsh on corrosive medium transportation. Leakage of toxic and corrosive media greatly affects operator safety and environmental pollution. ALMATEC electronic grade pneumatic diaphragm pump can effectively prevent and solve such problems. This product has a barrier system and a diaphragm detector, which generates a signal when the diaphragm is damaged and transmits it to the controller. The controller then issues a command to shut down or alarm. (1) Barrier system The system has two layers of diaphragms and two controllers. Membrane filled with ultrapure liquid, when the medium in contact with the inner membrane is damaged, the pumping medium mixed with the ultrapure liquid to change its conductivity, the change in the sensor signal is sent to the controller. When the outer membrane is broken, the sensor is also used to send the signal to another controller. This prevents damage to the diaphragm and media with serious consequences. (2) diaphragm detector is installed in the silencer muffler, when either side of the diaphragm is damaged, the media flow into the muffler, then the sensor can transmit the sensed signal to the controller for the relevant control. In general, when transporting special or high-purity media, media leakage is minimized and unnecessary pollution and waste are caused. If necessary, operator safety can be guaranteed by using the above two functions in the ALMATEC electronic-grade pneumatic diaphragm pump. As well as the media pollution, so this type of pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used in a large number of special chemical medium delivery. Provide enterprises with a more convenient, safe and efficient solution. I am convinced that in the next few years, ALMATEC electronic grade pneumatic diaphragm pump applications in China will also continue to expand, if you encounter this problem, this product is to provide customers with an excellent solution.

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