Auto Parts Remanufacturing Product Sign Management Protection Enabled

Remanufactured logo.

Re-manufacturing of auto parts has been marked by this report (Text/graphics reporter Liu Jun) Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce jointly stated that they would use auto parts remanufactured product logo management protection. According to the pilot approach, auto parts remanufactured products should be clearly marked on the appearance of the product.
According to the release of the two ministries yesterday, the sign only indicates that the product is a remanufactured product. Auto parts remanufactured products should be clearly marked on the appearance of the product, and products that cannot be marked due to size, etc., should be marked in the product packaging and product specification.
It is reported that the logo was first used in 14 companies including complete vehicles and pilot remanufacturing enterprises, including Huadu Global Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. After the end of the auto parts remanufacturing pilot, it will be promoted throughout the country.
The remanufactured parts must not be used for the production of new vehicles. The warranty standard should meet the same requirements as the original products, and the company should assume the warranty responsibility.
Remanufacturing: Refers to the production process of restoring used products to the same technical performance and product quality as the original products. The current range of auto parts for remanufacturing pilots is tentatively designated as engine, transmission, generator, starter, Steering gear 5 products.

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