Be the most awkward in the trailer! Longteng T50 to understand

CIMC Dongyue Longteng T50 · Three-proof semi-trailer has been recognized and praised by its users for its unique "anti-rise box, anti-collapse and anti-decolorization" design. Under the blessing of “KTL electrophoresis + dusting”, Longteng T50·three-proof semi-trailer not only paints brightly and guarantees for 7 years, but also has a free color combination and various combinations, which satisfies the personal preference and self-pursuit of the user's appearance. Next, Xiao Bian specially collected some different color choices for friends to appreciate.

Passionate and energetic Passionate and energetic

Charm dark blue, man feelings Charm dark blue, man feelings

Green mountains and green waters Green mountains and green waters

Fresh and refined, youthful vitality Fresh and refined, youthful vitality

Anti-corrosion, anti-decoloration, anti-rust Anti-corrosion, anti-decoloration, anti-rust

Silver-packed, low-key and expensive Silver-packed, low-key and expensive

After reading the choices of these card friends, would you like to think that "the original trailer can also be so high value"! Do you want the color of the next car?

Reading volume: Source: Dongyue set of: cold autumn

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