Beryl ore dressing technology

Beryl ore beneficiation technology : A beryl beneficiation method used to extract useful minerals from poor grade ore or tailings.

The beryl beneficiation technology is characterized in that the valuable components in the mineral are sorted in a weakly alkaline medium, which solves the complicated sapphire beneficiation technology brought by the use of strong acid or strong alkali beneficiation in the prior art, and has a long process and equipment. Large investment, high energy consumption, low economic efficiency, large equipment corrosion, serious environmental pollution and other issues. There is no need to dehydrate, warm, wash or mine, and it is not necessary to remove magnetic minerals and easy-floating minerals. Only one coarse, one fine, one sweep can obtain a high-grade cerium oxide concentrate, and the treated wastewater is greatly discharged. Exceeding national standards, and producing no toxic or harmful gases in production, the selected tungsten, antimony and fluorite concentrates have high grades, and the comprehensive recovery rate is 60-80%, which can fully and effectively utilize valuable mineral resources.

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Centrifugal Water Pump

IS series single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal water pump is provided in accordance with international standards IS02858 performance and size of the design, its technical standards are to international standards, reached to the international advanced level. It's chinese promotion of energy-saving pumps.

multistage centrifugal pump are single suction multistage segmental centrifugal pumps which adopt energy-efficient hydraulic model, they conform to GB/T5675 《Centrifugal Pump Technical Condition III》, with wide performance range, high efficiency, reasonable structure, safe and steady operation, low noise, long life performance and easy installation and maintenance.

Single-stage double-suction split-casing centrifugal pumps are used to pump the clear water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties as clear water. The temperature of transported liquid shall not exceed 80. It is applicable for factory ,mine, city water supply,power station, irrigation and drainage of farmland and various water conservancy projects. Applicable for factories ,mines,urban water supply, power stations, waterworks,agricultural irrigation and drainage, and other water conservancy projects.

Multi Stage Vertical Centrifugal Pump is suitable for the circulation and pressurization of cold and hot clean water in high-pressure operation system, water supply under parallel operation of several pumps in high-rise constructions, water supply for fire control and boilers, cooling water system, and the delivery of various washing liquids. Pump material:

Flow-Through: Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Body: Stainless Steel

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