Chen Guangzu: Looking forward to the 18th National Congress on how to transform the automobile industry

As a senior expert in the automotive industry in China, Chen Guangzu, who grew up with the Chinese automobile industry for sixty years, can be described as a true “old automaker”. Chen Guangzu had worked in FAW in the early years and served as Deputy General Manager of China Automotive Parts Industry Corporation, General Manager of China Automotive Engineering Consulting Company, President of American Huading Automotive Technology Trading Company, General Manager of China Automotive Industry Consulting Development Corporation, Consulting of China Automotive Industry The secretary-general of the committee and the Beijing municipal government adviser.

In 1953, the first car manufacturer broke ground in Changchun. This is the first time China has built its own car factory. In 1954, only 22-year-old Chen Guangzu came to Changchun First Automobile Factory under construction with a bit of ignorance and passion, and began his 50 years of life journey in the Chinese auto industry.

The old man gave me the deepest impression that he was kind and cordial and was willing to answer other people's questions. From his rhetorical reply, it was easy for people to feel and understand his enthusiasm for the auto industry and his life. Hard work.

When Chen Guangzu talked about the changes in the auto industry from the 17th to the 18th, he was very excited. “In the past few years, the automotive industry has undergone a lot of changes, and it can be said that the independent brands' insistence' stage.”

Chen Guangzu believes that in the past five years, the auto industry has developed from a high speed to a relatively stable development stage, and competition has become increasingly fierce. The strategic adjustment of auto companies is the most prominent feature. In the course of the five years of development, the following changes have mainly occurred compared with the previous period.

First, due to the economic crisis, the development of the global automobile economy has been hampered to varying degrees. Judging from the development trend of China's auto industry in the past five years, China's auto industry has entered the era of “micro-growth” from “brutal growth”.

Secondly, from the aspect of competition, the previous auto companies were each in a situation where they had no problems and had insufficient competition with each other, and each settled in their respective subdivided areas. During this five-year period, the auto companies have launched a full range of competition. Joint venture brands have explored their own brands and their own brands have begun to explore the high-end market.

In the third and fifth years, new energy vehicles have become the key words, national policies support, and corporate investment has increased. Everyone is staring at the new energy “this cake”. "But the market development is still not in place. This is the part that we must focus on in the next five years or even ten years," said Chen Guangzu.

Looking back at the automotive industry from scratch, Chen Guangzu is like a few. From the ground breaking of the Changchun Automobile Factory in 53 years, the first batch of 12 cars with liberated brands were successfully trialed in 56 years. The 58-year-old Dongfeng sedan was born in FAW and became the first Chinese-made car. “I remember that the Dongfeng logo was made by hand. Slowly, slowly, slowly, and it became very bright. I remember this very clearly. I visited Changchun a few years ago. I felt very happy when I touched it again."

Chen Guangzu recalls, “The cars of that era were all imitations. The wisdom of the Chinese is still very high when it comes to imitation. For example, the first Dongfeng, that is, the Hongqi brand sedan, is only used for 28 days. Created."

For the 30 years from 1979 to 2010, Chen Guangzu highly affirmed the progress China has made in the automotive industry. “This period of time is China’s auto industry from “not” to “will.” Overall, the Chinese auto industry has achieved a lot. In 1978, the country produced more than 160,000 cars and cars. It is 2,400 vehicles, but after these 20 years, we have got 18 million cars in the world. This is what we have achieved as a developing country,” said Chen Guangzu.

Chen Guangzu said that by the 1990s, cars had changed from sunset industry to sunrise industry. “It is said that automobiles are the machines that change the world. It is led by automobiles. As a high-end manufacturing industry, it drives the development of various industries because it has a very wide connection.”

In the 30 years after the initial stage, the biggest feature of China’s auto industry is that its power has changed and it has begun to vigorously develop new energy vehicles and pure electric vehicles; in addition, intelligence and information have begun to rise to an important position. Began to rapidly develop toward intelligence.

For the development of China's auto industry, Chen Guangzu concluded: In the first 30 years, China's auto industry was in the water, and it has just been lying down. In the second 30 years, we walked into the middle of the river. The rapids, the risk, but the scenery is also very good. So we have been stressing to improve our competitiveness and preserve ourselves in the competition. After 30 years, it is still in its infancy. We have just landed. The characteristic of products as a symbol is that we will make cars. The issue of independent brands is not big, but it has not yet become a real power. "How to change from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country is an issue that we are vigorously advancing and striving for," said Chen Guangzu.

To the upcoming 18th National Congress, Chen Guangzu said that the arrival of the 18th National Congress will inspire all sectors of our society to do practical things and point us in the direction of doing practical things. From this, we can better serve the people and develop the country. . “In the critical period when China is moving from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, we hope that through the convocation of the 18th National Congress, we can better use the scientific concept of development to clarify how the auto industry will transform and upgrade and how to do it. We also hope that every car People can work hard together and work harder to build the automotive industry in China.” Chen Guangzu said.

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