China will implement the third and fourth phases of national vehicle emission standards

It was learned from the State Environmental Protection Administration that China will implement the third and fourth phases of national vehicle emission standards .

China's motor vehicle industry has continued to grow and develop in recent years, and the production, sales and retention of motor vehicles have grown rapidly. Zhao Yingmin, Director of the Standardization Division of the State Environmental Protection Administration, said that if the two standards are implemented as planned, from 2008 to 2012, only road vehicles will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 1.8 million tons, hydrocarbons by 2.2 million tons and carbon monoxide by 16 million. Tons, will bring huge environmental benefits to the society, and will further promote the technical upgrading of automotive products and shorten the gap with the international advanced level.

National pollutant discharge standards play an important role in optimizing the development of the motor vehicle industry. For each engine, every single new stage emission standard will reduce its single-unit pollutant discharge by more than 30%.

In order to control the emission of pollutants from motor vehicles, in 1999, the State Environmental Protection Administration formulated the control standards for hazardous substances in motor gasoline and the national I, II stage compression-ignition engines for light vehicles and heavy vehicles that are equivalent to Euro 1 and Euro 2 emissions regulations. Exhaust emission standards. In 2005, the State Environmental Protection Administration announced five new standards for the emission of motor vehicle pollutants, including the “Light Vehicle Pollutant Emission Limits and Measurement Methods (State III, State IV)” and “Contamination of Heavy Duty Truck Crankcases with Lit Engines. Emission Limits, Limits for Fuel Evaporative Pollutants in Heavy-Duty Vehicles Installed with Ignition Engines, Limits and Measurement Methods for Accelerated Noise from Motorcycles and Mopeds, and Fixed Noise Limits for Motorcycles and Mopeds And measurement methods."

It is reported that at present, China has a total of 26 testing organizations that have the capability to test vehicles of the State III and State IV standards (engines).

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