Coal mining technology - roadway excavation and excavation mechanization

First, the roadway excavation method and the selection of mechanical equipment should meet the following requirements:

1 Full coal roadway and coal rock roadway excavation should be carried out by drilling and blasting method, equipped with electric drill, coal loader and other equipment.

2 Full-rock tunneling, it is advisable to use drilling and blasting method, equipped with air-legged pneumatic rock drill or electric rock drill , bucket rock loader and other equipment.

3 The number of tunneling groups in coal roadway, coal rock roadway and rock roadway shall be determined according to the selected equipment and single-entry indicators.

2. The excavation speed of all kinds of roadways shall be determined according to the level of excavation mechanized equipment and the speed of the same type of production mine roadway excavation, which can be adopted according to the following indicators:

Coal lane: monthly input 120 ~ 250m;

Coal and rock roadway: monthly input 120~150m;

Rock alley: monthly intake of 60 ~ l00m;

Rock inclined lane: monthly 40~70m;

Third, the roadway support form should be determined according to factors such as roadway burial depth, surrounding rock lithology, roadway use and service life, roadway affected by mining and ventilation safety requirements. Lightning bolting and shotcreting support should be preferred for rock roadways. Lane coal, coal roadway bolt should be used, with the anchor, the anchor network, cable, metal support brackets and the like.

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