Cooper's First Deanka Bus Tire Flagship Store Opens

The global replacement tire specialist CooperTires' first flagship store, Dean brand passenger car tires, was officially opened in Shanghai on November 11th. As the new card and passenger car tire brand launched by Cooper in May this year, Dean Tire mainly faces domestic mid- to high-end card passenger tire markets. In the current severe economic situation, Cooper Tire strives to introduce the distribution model of foreign advanced truck and passenger car tire stores to provide consumers with high value-added overall cost management solutions for the fleet.

The opening of the Shanghai St. Lunbao Tire Sales Store is the first flagship store for passenger and car tires that Cooper has launched with a brand new unified brand image. Cooper Tire will enhance its competitive advantage in the card passenger car tire market through the optimized overall cost of ownership service provided by the store. Alex Koi, general manager of Cooper Tire China, said at the opening ceremony: “We hope that with the opening of this store, we will provide more professional truck and car solutions for many transportation teams and customers, and maximize the efficiency of tire use. We hope that through our efforts, we will achieve a good situation where consumers, distributors and manufacturers can benefit from each other."

The card passenger car tire flagship store mainly sells card passenger car tire products located in the high-end tire market. Its flagship Dean Tire is a high-end specialty card passenger car tire brand owned by Cooper. It is designed by American professional designers for Chinese road conditions and aims to provide a complete solution for domestic long-distance transportation. In addition to Dean Tire, the company also sells Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd., a Chinese joint venture company in China, which specializes in the development of other professional truck and bus tires for ports, mines and other road conditions.

In addition to high-quality products, Cooper's flagship store for passenger cars and buses also provides customers with complete services. As a replacement tire specialist, Cooper hopes to help commercial vehicle customers effectively improve tire use efficiency through their professional services. Statistics show that the use efficiency of tires has been greatly reduced due to improper handling habits of Chinese consumers. Cooper will be equipped with a professional technical team to recommend suitable products for customers based on the operating conditions of the fleet, regularly and professionally maintain and guide the correct use of tires, guide consumers to properly use and maintain tires, and extend the service life of tires. In terms of after-sales service, Dean Tire's flagship store dealership will also provide a series of services such as product filing, regular tracking, and strive to be more responsible to consumers. Cooper hopes to use a complete set of service system to help customers reduce overall consumption costs and maximize the use value of tires.

As Yang Jun, Chairman of Shanghai St. Lunbao Tire Sales Co., Ltd. puts it: “True high-end tires are not high-priced tires but high-value tires.” Cooper helps consumers save by increasing the value of tires. The cost, and the dealers who provide quality services, will also win the favor of consumers in this process, and ultimately increase market competitiveness.

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