County Public Security Bureau - the use of "Internet of things +" technology case handling

Since last year, Kaiyang County Public Security Bureau to implement "Internet of Things +" technology case, and achieved tangible results. Since the handling of new technologies, the county issued a total of 18 cases of motorcycle robbery, down 18.18%; solve 7 cases, an increase of 16.89%. At present, the motorcycle ownership in the county is about 77,000, of which only about 30,000 motorcycles are on the market. The traditional motorcycle passive management mode exists "three difficult" problem, that is difficult to find, solve the case is difficult to recover the stolen goods, motorcycle stolen problems have become increasingly prominent. According to statistics, in 2010, a total of 779 cases of motorcycle theft were found in Kaiyang County. It was listed as one of the key areas for the province's motorcycle theft by the Provincial Public Security Department. In the past three years, Kaiyang motorcycle stolen cases accounted for 19.14% of the county criminal cases. Since 2016, the Public Security Bureau of Kaiyang has been closely linked to the data construction requirements of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, exploring the application of "big data" to the comprehensive management of social order and signing the application platform of "Internet of Things + Ziguang God Eye Guardian" with Guizhou Ziguang Technology Co., Ltd. Cooperation agreement to promote "Internet of Things +" technology. The technology can be found through the erected IoT base station self-flow, to remind the motorcycle abnormal movement, and promptly back to install the owner. According to the situation, the public security organ may carry out detective and distribution control, obtain clues to solve the case, raise the recovery rate of stolen motorcycles greatly, and promptly restore the property loss to the masses. According to reports, Kaiyang Public Security Bureau has been "Internet of Things +" technology to civil explosives management, motorcycle anti-theft, community rehabilitation and other areas of drug rehabilitation, and in the "smart campus" and "smart tourism" and other areas to actively explore and research and development .

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