Creating a smooth path to take advantage of potential leaps and bounds like a rainbow - Jincheng city transport development ten years of change

Forge ahead on the road and take advantage of the leaps and bounds, such as the rainbow - Jincheng city transport development ten years of change In ten years, from the changes in the development of transportation in Jincheng, you can see and see all the leopards. Extensive, straight and smooth expressway expresses the charm of Jincheng's transitional leap, and economic growth; magnanimous, criss-crossing urban and rural roads, recording the growth and changes of the new Jincheng City, with each passing day; orderly, peaceful and harmonious traffic order, embodies the Jincheng traffic People's dedication and dedication.

Since the 16th CPC National Congress, especially the 17th CPC National Congress, under the leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the Ministry of Transport, Jincheng transportation has entered a new stage of “scientific development,” starting from “basic remission” to “basic adaptation”. And then to “comprehensively adapt” and “appropriately advance”, it will step into the leap of transformation. Conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the "building a large traffic, promote the development of" strategic ideas, Jincheng transport and development has achieved gratifying results.

Grasping the basics, attacking difficulties, seizing opportunities, and making every effort to speed up highway construction The total mileage of highways in Jincheng City in 2002 was only 2,960 kilometers. At present, the total mileage of highways in Jincheng City has reached 8,631 kilometers, an increase of 5,671 kilometers compared to 2002, and the growth rate is 191%. The city’s highway construction has formed the “Six Roads” attack on the Economic Road, Exit Road, Zhifu Road, Poverty Alleviation Road, Tourism Road and Xiaokang Road. The “four routes” of the national road, provincial road, county road, and township road serve the same time, and are all-round, three-dimensional, and high. A good pattern of speed and large-scale development.

The highway extends in all directions. In 2002, the city's expressway was only 68.1 kilometers. At present, the total mileage of the expressway is 318.6, which is a net increase of 250.5 kilometers from 2002, an increase of 368%. The city has built 7 high roads with a density of 3 kilometers per 100 square kilometers, which is 1.5 times the average level of the province, exceeding the United States and Japan. It is equal to the highest density highway in Germany in major developed countries, with clear functions and reasonable layout. The highway network is basically formed.

The provincial backbones criss-cross. Since 2002, the city's main highways have been newly reconstructed 98 kilometers, and an investment of 420 million yuan has been completed. The medium-to-medium-scale repair project completed 209 kilometers of pavement and completed an investment of 70 million yuan. At present, the mileage of the trunk line of the province is 638.3 kilometers, and the driving environment and traffic capacity of the trunk road have been greatly improved and improved.

Rural roads develop in depth. In recent years, Jincheng City has firmly grasped the country’s policy opportunities of expanding domestic demand and ensuring growth, contending for projects, securing start-ups, ensuring progress, and ensuring quality, and vigorously advancing the transformation of county and township roads and village-level cement (oil) road projects. Since 2002, Jincheng’s “village-village-pass” project has been built at a new level every year, a new change every year, and the masses of transportation cadres and employees of the entire city have united with one another to achieve a true sense of “ Full coverage, the rural people's travel has been fully improved. At the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the accessibility and patency rate of 74 townships and 10 offices throughout the city reached 100%. In 2222 established villages, except for one unqualified condition, all cement (oil) roads were connected.

Highway management is gradually standardized. Since 2002, in accordance with the principles of “government-led, industry management, and level-responsibility”, the local government has fully implemented the main position of rural highways. In particular, in 2010, the city basically established a three-level rural road maintenance management system with “a certain county level, a station in towns and villages, and village road guards”. The maintenance of rural roads in Jincheng has gradually gone on the right track after undergoing four stages of rebuilding lightly-kept, losing control, failing to support, establishing equal care, and separating management and maintenance.

Up to now, the total length of rural roads in the city has been 7493.8 kilometers, including 1184.6 kilometers of county roads, 3278.6 kilometers of rural roads, and 3030.6 kilometers of village roads. The average annual road maintenance rate of the county's counties is 84.3%, and the comprehensive value of maintenance quality is 71.7. The road surface intact rate is 83.2%.

Xiongguan Dadao really like iron, but now the pace to go from scratch. “Standing at a new starting point and taking a new journey, Jincheng’s traffic people will continue to be guided by the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implement the “two unwavering” strategic plans of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and closely follow the overall development plan of “1355”. Effectively accelerate the construction of transportation projects, vigorously rectify the order of the transportation market, continuously deepen the civilized construction of the industry, and solidly promote the development of safe transportation, low-carbon transportation, green transportation, digital transportation, and scientific and technological transportation, and work hard to promote the transportation industry to a new level. In order to promote the city's economic and social transformation and make new contributions to the leap-forward development, Jincheng will make new contributions to creating a new situation in which the economy is full of vigor, social harmony and stability, the people's prosperity and well-being, and the party building are strong!

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