Dachang Huajiao Amino Acid Analyzer Workshop

Dachang Huajiao Amino Acid Analyzer Workshop Since Stein and Moore proposed to analyze amino acids by chromatography in 1958 for more than 50 years, amino acid analyzers are widely used at home and abroad as international and national standards and arbitration standards for amino acid detection. At present, amino acid analyzers play an important role in the research of protein chemistry, biochemistry, food science, and clinical medicine. For more than 50 years, the amino acid analyzer has been developing all the way, the sensitivity and analysis speed of the instrument have been greatly improved, and the full automation of parameter control, data acquisition, integration processing and report printing has been realized. It is your common responsibility for more and more amino acid researchers and testers to recognize and apply amino acid analyzers. DKSH will join hands with Beijing Forestry University to invite you to participate in the "Amino Acid Analyzer Application Technology (Beijing) Seminar" held on March 26th, 2013 at the Beijing Beilin Forestry University's East Timber House Auditorium. attend!

The amino acid application technology seminar will rely on the Beijing University of Forestry large-scale instrument and equipment public experiment platform, combining two key laboratories, among which - the National Engineering Laboratory for Tree Breeding and Breeding is a national key discipline in forest tree breeding, national key disciplines in botany and The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is the main supporting discipline. There are currently 58 researchers in the laboratory, including 1 academician, 19 professors, 19 associate professors and senior experimenters, and more than 80% of laboratory members have doctoral degrees. There were a total of 335 instruments and equipment at the stage with a total value of RMB 2,202.84 million. A public experimental platform for large instruments and equipment including genomics, proteomics, and cellomics was established; at the same time, Beijing Forestry University’s key tasks in forestry food processing and safety in Beijing. The chamber has distinctive features centered on the healthy nature of forestry food raw materials, major practical needs for food safety, and academic frontiers of food science. It focuses on woody oil processing and safety testing, forest source food processing and safety testing, and forest food safety standards and testing. System construction work in three areas to solve my problem The construction of forestry foods for green processing, quality analysis and forgery detection, safety standards and detection systems will promote the healthy development of forestry foods and understorey economic undertakings in Beijing and even the whole country, drive the socio-economic development of forest areas and mountains, and assist in the settlement of agriculture, forestry and forestry. The problem provides important basic theoretical support and strong technical assurance.

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