Desulfurization from refractory gold-bearing concentrates by vacuum pyrolysis and volatilization (II)

The soot yield was 6.40% of the concentrate delivered . The arsenic content in the soot fluctuates between 0.5 and 3.7% . The reason for the increase in arsenic content in soot is that the heating in the cyclone is insufficient and uneven.

The yield of condensate is 3.2% , of which the arsenic content is 48.1% , the sulfur content is 13% , and the gold content is 4 grams / ton.

Since there is no fine-grained soot trap in the vacuum pyrolysis apparatus, the condensate is heavily contaminated by soot (mainly carbon-containing components).

Exists between the material and the calculated infeed material - a predetermined number of difference, which is mainly present as the other volatile components of the smoke evacuation caused by mechanical loss and concentrate. Flue gas is produced during the decomposition of carbonate and the partial oxidation of sulfur and carbon.

Vacuum pyrolysis treatment of re-selected concentrate

The particle size composition (grain size, mm) of the re-selected concentrate is as follows, % : +2.5-4.95 ); -2.5+1.6-1.47 ; -1.6+0.63-1.89 ; -0.63+0.4-3.27 ; -0.4+0.315-3.67 ; -0.315+0.2-12.17 ; -0.2+0.16-10.53 ; -0.16+0.1-29.17 ; -0.1+0.063-22.89 ; -0.063-9.99 .

The pseudo-specific gravity of the concentrate is 2.81 grams / Cm 3, a true specific gravity 4.63 grams / Cm 3, the natural angle of repose of 35 °.

At temperature 700 °C And a residual gas pressure of 40 to 100 mmHg (5.33 - 13.33 kPa), processing unit capacity of 2.2 tons / m 2 · day or night conditions, a total of 1,109 kg of processed gravity concentrate. The material balance of the concentrate subjected to vacuum heat treatment for arsenic removal is shown in Table 2 .

At temperature 700 °C The arsenic volatilization rate was 97% when the pressure was 100 mm Hg and the treatment capacity was 3 tons / day and night .

The slag yield was 69.3% , and the arsenic content was 0.67% .

The particle size composition (grain size, mm) of the slag is as follows, % : +2.5-5.4 ; -2.5+1.6-4.0 ; -1.6+0.63-2.3 ; -0.63+0.4-5.9 ; -0.4+02-22.0 ; -0.2 +0.16-12.5 ; -0.16+0.1-23.6 ; -0.1+0.063-15.6 ; -0.063-8.7 .

During the vacuum pyrolysis process, the particle size of the concentrate did not change significantly. The actual weight of the slag is increased to 5 grams / Cm 3, while the proportion of false from 2.8 grams / Cm 3 down to 1.93 grams / Cm 3.

The yield of the condensate was 19.3% . It is in the form of a yellow powder. The arsenic content in the condensate was 70.2% and the sulfur was 28.7% . In terms of its chemical composition, this condensate is equivalent to realgar ( AszSD) .

During the vacuum pyrolysis of the re-concentrated concentrate, approximately 99.8% of the gold remains in the slag, 0.2% of the gold is transferred to the soot, and only a trace amount of gold is present in the condensate.

The power consumption is 400~500 kW·hr / ton concentrate.
Industrial tests carried out show that, entirely possible to obtain a very high arsenic volatilization from gold ore flotation concentrates and reselection of arsenic pyrite, and can be obtained in a conventional method for processing as well as nontoxic slag Arsenic-containing condensate.

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