Dongfeng Dollyka liquid supply truck, the liquid tanker on the general cargo, the household is exempt from taxation! !

[General cargo transportation procedures for liquid vehicles] - on the home to save the heart, save money on the road!

This model is registered in the National Development and Reform Commission for ordinary cargo tank trucks. The transport medium is non-hazardous chemicals such as washing fluid, lubricating oil, edible oil, fracturing oil and mixing station additives. It is not necessary to handle the cumbersome transportation of dangerous goods. Procedures, there are no restrictions on the transportation of dangerous goods. At present, the cost of dangerous goods transportation is between 35,000 and 100,000 yuan a year. Choose non-hazardous chemical transportation tanker (liquid supply vehicle), save you time and effort, save money and worry, and you can do it on your car. It is in line with the national policy and is safe to operate on the road.

[Enjoy the purchase of additional tax preferential policies] - with the exemption announcement, the purchase of a household tax can save tens of thousands!

The motorized vehicle owner needs to pay the purchase additional tax to the state, and the tax payment rate is about 10% of the invoiced amount. For example, if a car of 500,000 yuan is purchased, the tax will be paid 50,000 yuan, and the liquid supply vehicle has been included in the announcement of the exempted model. You can avoid the purchase tax, which saves you 50,000 yuan in car purchase costs and costs.


Dongfeng Dolly card liquid vehicle vehicle parameters

Dimensions (length × width × height) mm 7000 × 2200 × 2800

Inside the cargo compartment panel (length × width × height) mm

Or volume m3 or agitation capacity m3

Or effective volume m3 9.9

Curb weight kg 5250 total mass kg 11495

Drive type 4X2

Chassis configuration and technical parameters

Chassis manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Chassis type DFA1110SJ11D3

Engine manufacturer Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Engine type YC4S150-48

Transmission model A121J

Main reducer speed ratio (drive axle speed ratio) 4.875

Tire size model 8.25R20 14PR

Comprehensive fuel consumption L/100km 21.3

50km/h no-load constant-speed fuel consumption L/100km 13.4

Total mass (Kg) 11495 Tank volume (m3) 9.9

Rated load mass (Kg) 6050 Dimensions (mm) 7000×2200×2800

Curing quality (Kg) 5250 Cargo size (mm) × ×

Rated passenger (person) quasi-trailer total mass (Kg)

Number of passengers in the cab (person) 3 load mass utilization factor

Approach angle / departure angle (°) 24/12 Front overhang / rear overhang (mm) 1130/2070

Number of axles 2 Wheelbase (mm) 3800

Axle load (Kg) 4595/6900 Maximum speed (Km/h) 80

The other model is a non-hazard chemical transport vehicle. Effective volume of the tank: 9.9 cubic meters, medium: washing fluid, density: 640 kg / cubic meter; tank dimensions (length × long axis × short axis) (mm): 4800 × 2000 × 1310. Side protection using carbon Steel/Q235B, bolted. The rear protection is made of carbon steel/Q235B, bolted. The height of the protective section is 260mm, the section width is 50mm, and the lower edge is 500mm from the ground. Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination Lamps. The color of the vehicle is optional, and the position of the text can be changed. Special equipment name / model / manufacturer: gasoline engine liquid pump / WL30XH / Jialing - Honda Engine Co., Ltd.

Fuel consumption parameter table


Dongfeng Dollyka liquid supply truck and general cargo tank truck are tank vehicles used by mines, oil fields and liquid food processing enterprises to transport non-dangerous liquids such as washing fluid, lubricating oil, edible oil, fracturing oil and liquid food. The tank material can be selected from ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. according to the transportation medium. It can also be equipped with various gear pumps, centrifugal pumps and infusion pipelines according to the user's liquid supply conditions to realize the pressure pumping function. As a national promotion model, the liquid supply vehicle adopts the new environmentally-friendly national four-engine, the general cargo transportation procedures, and the purchase of additional tax reduction and exemption policies. It is really a good model that allows you to buy easily and easily!

Although the appearance of the liquid supply vehicle is strikingly similar to that of the dangerous oil tanker, there are essential differences in its use, model announcement, vehicle price, home registration, and operation management. Below we briefly talk about the difference between the two vehicles. :

I. Operation:

A. The liquid supply vehicle is a general cargo, and it can be owned by an ordinary cargo transportation company.

B. Tank trucks are dangerous goods and must be linked to companies with dangerous goods transportation qualifications.

Second, the driver qualification requirements:

A. The driver of the liquid supply vehicle only needs to have the qualification certificate for ordinary cargo transportation.

B. The tanker driver must have a qualification certificate for the transportation of dangerous goods. The co-pilot must also be equipped with a escort (and a dangerous goods transport escort certificate).

Third, the configuration requirements:

A. The liquid supply vehicle is an ordinary tank type vehicle, and there is no mandatory special requirement. This model is a national subsidy promotion model, and the household can be exempted from the purchase of additional taxes, and the cost of the household is small.

B. The tank truck is a dangerous goods transport vehicle. The tank body must be equipped with an emergency shut-off valve (subsea valve) at the bottom of the tank, an European standard tank mouth, and an optional oil and gas recovery device and a professional pipeline for loading oil. The chassis of the car must be equipped with a front disc rear drum and an engine speed limiter. On the dangerous goods transportation company, when the household is settled, the local transportation administration will install the GPS system, and the cost of the household is high (about 50,000 yuan for this car).

Fourth, transportation media:

A. The transportation medium for liquid supply vehicles is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and explosive liquid substances such as washing fluid, mixing station admixture and lubricating oil.

B. The transportation medium of the tanker is a flammable and explosive liquid substance of gasoline and diesel.

V. Application procedures:

A. The supplier of the liquid supply vehicle needs the manufacturer to provide the certificate and the motor vehicle to the household---.

B. In addition to the certificate issued by the manufacturer and the motor vehicle on the household, the local quality inspection department also needs to issue a tank inspection report, and provide certificates for submarine valves and European standard tanks. .

6. Car purchase cost and cost (for example, the Dongfeng Tianjin car with a tank volume of 15 cubic meters):

A, 15 cubic meters of Jinji liquid car bare car within 200,000, the cost of the household is about 10,000 yuan (free of purchase of additional tax, including insurance, licensing, operating permits, etc.), a total cost of 210,000 can be operated on the road, degreasing every year In addition to the tolls, the cost of car, insurance and maintenance is about 10,000 yuan.

B, 15 cubic meters of gold tanker bare car 230,000 or so, the cost of the household is 5-6 million yuan (purchase tax payment of 23,000 yuan, dangerous goods vehicles must buy large commercial insurance + traffic insurance about 15,000 yuan, call dangerous goods Transportation company management fee, installation of GPS, card, operation permit, etc.), the total cost of about 280,000 can be operated on the road, the annual de-oiling fee for the tanker, the cost of car, insurance, maintenance, and call-in is 3- About 50,000 yuan. (This article is from Xiagong)

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