Dongkang Guoliu engine environmental certification test is expected in the 2019 phase of the moon phase

On October 18, 2018, the long-awaited Dongfeng Cummins Six Engine Environmental Protection Type Certification Test was officially launched at the Shenyang Automotive Testing Center. It is reported that this is also the first batch of national-type engine certification tests initiated by the first batch of China National Six engines in full accordance with the approval of the Ministry of Ecological Environment. The National Sixth Engine is striding towards the market.
Testing center laboratory Testing center laboratory

As early as six months ago, the Dongfeng Cummins Country Six project team began to carry out technical exchanges and discussions with the Xiangyang Automobile Testing Center on the national six-type certification test work. At the end of June this year, after the official release of the National Sixth Standard, Dongfeng Cummins took the lead in providing the National Six engine and the whole vehicle. The demonstration test was started according to the technical requirements of the National Sixth Standard. The demonstration project successfully challenged the production consistency in addition to the required type certification content. And in compliance with environmental testing content, such as vehicle OBD, IUPR, vehicle terminal, NOx control, low temperature performance verification, etc. In the process of formulating the formal type approval declaration data system and test specifications by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the mature experience and suggestions of Dongfeng Cummins have been highly recognized by the competent national authorities.

Dongfeng Tianlong is ready to test Dongfeng Tianlong is ready to test
Z14 matches Tianlong flagship for high temperature test
Z14 matches Tianlong flagship for high temperature test

The laboratory of Xiangyang Automobile Testing Center is the first laboratory authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee (CMA) to conduct the qualification verification of the National Sixth Standard Project. The Dongfeng Cummins Sixth Engine will also be the first prototype to fully launch the environmental protection type certification test.

Compared with the national five, the official national six-type certification test has increased the special requirements of many countries and six countries. The trial preparation and trials have greatly increased the difficulty and the cycle has become longer. The test project includes engine and system emissions, regeneration verification, on-board diagnostic system monitoring, NOx control and driving performance limitation system verification, low temperature verification and vehicle emissions, and the entire test process is monitored by the Ministry of Ecology's video system. The Dongfeng Cummins Sixth Engine has been fully verified and evaluated in the development stage and the preliminary demonstration test, and is confident in successfully passing the eco-type certification test of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

Camera uploading environmental monitoring video system Camera uploading environmental monitoring video system

All platforms of Dongfeng Cummins S6 Engine will complete the type certification test and then disclose the environmental information in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. In the same period, it will also make a declaration in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to obtain an engine announcement to support the vehicle's target of achieving market sales in July 2019. Dongfeng Cummins' first engine fully launched the national six-type certification test, marking Dongfeng Cummins's response to the national victory in the blue sky defense battle action plan! The market is also full of expectations for Dongfeng Cummins, waiting for mature and perfect The national six engine is on the market!

Reading volume: Source: Cummins DCEC Author: Lin Zheng

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