Dry granulator is active in the industry with new technologies

As an important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, medical granulators have been continuously developing and innovating. The granulation mechanism is fast and effective. The filter with special pores is carefully screened and sieved. The friction filter rods can smash and sifter solid particles, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. This machine can replace the swing-type particle machine and is a new generation of particle equipment.

The dry granulator is the latest granulation method developed after the "step-granulation" of the second-generation granulation method. It is an environmentally friendly granulation process that directly presses the powder into pellets. . Dry granulator is widely used in granulation in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It is especially suitable for granulation of materials that are susceptible to heat decomposition, decomposition or agglomeration. The pellets produced by the dry granulator can be directly compressed or filled into capsules.

It is understood that the dry granulator uses the latest roll control technology. The control equipment of the equipment can adjust the fluctuation of any physical property between different materials and batches of the same material, so that the dry granulation process parameters can be accurately and repeatedly To adjust to efficiently produce high quality particles. The dry granulation technique can be accomplished by a roller flattener. The Chinese herbal extracts with a certain relative density were spray-dried to obtain dry extract powders. After adding certain auxiliary materials, they were pressed into a sheet by a dry extruding granulator and then crushed into granules. The method requires less auxiliary materials, which helps to improve the stability, disintegration and dissolvability of the particles.

In the future, dry granulators will meet the requirements for cleanliness and functional flexibility. First of all, for a completely enclosed dry granulation system, dust pollution during production can be reduced, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and pollution. Secondly, the equipment is modularly designed and the whole granulation device can use only a few tools. Detachable, easy to clean all modular units, and can easily replace the screw and the pressure roller to adapt to different granulation tasks.

With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical market, people's expectations and requirements for the pharmaceutical industry are also increasing, and the application of granulation technology can greatly improve the efficiency of preparation of traditional Chinese medicine particles and the quality of finished products, so after the granulator In the course of its development, we must pay attention to technological innovation, continuously push new innovations along with market changes, and also meet the requirements of clean and flexible industries.

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