"Electron Beam Irradiation Treatment of Dyeing and Paper Industry Wastewater Technical Specifications" or by the end

June 19, the reporter learned that China's first "electron beam irradiation treatment of printing and dyeing and paper industry wastewater technical specifications" (referred to as "technical specifications") preparation has been officially started, marking China's electron beam irradiation wastewater treatment standardization Substantial progress has been made in the work. The technical specifications by the Chinese Nuclear Society led the organization to develop, under the CGN Technology's Guangdong Nuclear Power Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd. ("CGN Nuclear Tatsu"), combined with Tsinghua University Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Nuclear Industry Standardization Institute and East China Radiation Technology Co., Ltd. and other units jointly prepared, is expected to be completed by the end of this year. "E-beam irradiation treatment of printing and dyeing and paper industry wastewater is a high-tech environmental protection technology, the standard of the United States EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) electron beam irradiation biological solids standards, our country in the field of technical specifications and standards are still Blank. "Chinese Nuclear Society experts said the organization of major domestic research institutions and industry representative enterprises jointly prepared technical specifications, content throughout the industry production, construction and circulation, creating China's electron beam irradiation wastewater treatment technology specifications and standards The first of its kind, will promote the industry to the standardization, standardization and specialization direction. According to the statistics of China's 2014 Environmental Statistics Annual Report, the total amount of industrial wastewater discharge in China is 20.53 billion tons. The total amount of textile printing and dyeing and papermaking wastewater containing toxic and harmful pollutants is over 4.72 billion tons, accounting for the discharge of industrial wastewater in China 23% of the total. He Shijun, an associate professor at the Institute of Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, said that the total amount of waste water produced by the textile printing and dyeing and papermaking industry is large and the composition of pollutants is complex and contains a large amount of harmful substances that are difficult to be biodegraded. Compared with other purification methods, Wastewater treatment technology, lower cost, higher degree of purification, can achieve high standards of wastewater discharge or water reuse. "In textile printing and dyeing, advanced technology and economic benefits of electron beam irradiation wastewater treatment technology have been preliminarily verified." ZHANG Jian-feng, chairman and general manager of CGNIC, introduced China's first electron beam irradiation treatment industry The scale of printing and dyeing wastewater demonstration project, has been officially completed in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province on March 15 this year, to be started after the operation, daily wastewater treatment capacity of 1500 to 2000 cubic meters of its core equipment, design, technology, technology and management Aspects of the industry are of exemplary significance. It is understood that in addition to electron beam irradiation technology can be in-depth processing of printing and dyeing and paper industry wastewater can also be used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries wastewater treatment, water quality industrial park wastewater treatment, and some special hazardous substances (such as antibiotic wastewater, bacteria Slag) and other hazardous waste harmless treatment.

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