FAW 50 liberation heavy trucks exported to Azerbaijan

Recently, the reporter learned of another good news about the export of FAW heavy trucks . FAW Import and Export Corporation has already shipped 50 heavy trucks to Azerbaijan, of which 25 liberated 8X4 and 25 liberated 6X4 trucks, and the heavy trucks that will be exported later are also actively preparing. in.

According to reports, in order to expand the new automobile market and expand the export volume of FAW products, FAW Import & Export Co., Ltd. has been actively seeking sales opportunities in Azerbaijan since the second half of 2008. After careful evaluation and screening, FAW Import & Export Co., Ltd. established a cooperative relationship with a local auto dealer and exported 15 liberated dump trucks through this partner in 2008, of which 5 liberated 6X4 and 10 liberated 8X4 trucks. . At the beginning of this year, FAW Import & Export Co., Ltd. and Azerbaijan’s partners further communicated and negotiated and signed 100 contracts for the emancipation of heavy trucks . In the first half of the year, 10 dump trucks have been shipped, and the second batch of exports is currently being shipped. truck. The third batch of 20 8X4 dump trucks and corresponding spare parts are also coming soon.

In accordance with the provisions of the contract, would have been the supplier of the liberation of 50 heavy trucks for much later time, but because the car unilateral end-user requirements Azerbaijan, in need of the liberation of heavy truck supplier in advance, although this FAW import and export company The coordination work caused great inconvenience, but based on the concept of “users first”, based on the consideration of expanding the overseas influence of emancipating the brand, FAW Import & Export Co., Ltd. started from the overall situation and strengthened the export department, storage and transportation department, and technical service department. The department's active cooperation with the shipping companies, customs, commodity inspections, and domestic shipping companies coordinated many times, overcame numerous difficulties, shortened the cycle time of each link, and finally enabled vehicles to be issued on time according to user requirements.

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