Frequent cyber attacks threaten security of oil and gas industry

Frequent cyber attacks threaten security of oil and gas industry

According to a survey sponsored by Tripwire and conducted by Dimensional Research in November 2015, the cyber attacks in the oil and gas industry have shown an upward trend in the past 12 months. The report pointed out that 82% of oil and gas industry respondents said that the number of corporate attacks that their corporate companies have experienced in the past 12 months is growing.

In addition, 53% of respondents stated that the rate of cyberattacks encountered in the previous month rose by 50% to 100%.

Tripwire's research shows that 21% of respondents said that 20% to 50% of successful cyberattacks are involved, 13% of respondents are 10% to 20%, and only 11% of respondents are below 10%. . 2% of respondents pointed out that the number of cyberattacks encountered in the past month was more than double.

The report also found that 69% of respondents stated that they are not sure whether their company is capable of detecting all cyber attacks. The survey focused on companies in the energy industry facing cyber security challenges and received over 150 information technology professionals from the energy industry, utilities, and the oil and gas industry.

According to the survey, 72% of the respondents stated that an administrative department is responsible for the protection of information technology and the operating technology environment.

The energy sector has suffered a large number of cyber attacks in the past few years. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, the energy industry is the most heavily attacked industry. In addition, the department also perceives the threat of cyber-espionage supported by the state.

However, Tripwire said that although cyber threats targeting the power grid have attracted attention, the oil and gas industry has not yet been reviewed at the same level.

"The United States has more than 2.3 million miles of pipelines connected to various commercial activities, including refineries and airports," said Tim Erlin, director and security and IT risk strategist at Tripwire. "In addition, there are a large number of supporting organizations and units surrounding the production and distribution of oil and natural gas. Therefore, in terms of network security, the industry should attract high attention like the power grid."

Erlin said that the industry should focus on eliminating threat agents and reducing overall attacks.

"It is unrealistic to think that it is possible to eliminate 100% of threats, so it is necessary to continuously detect successful attacks." Erlin said, "Oil and gas companies should focus on how to monitor their abnormal activities in the environment or not Authorized changes."

Frequent cyber attacks threaten security of oil and gas industry

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