Fruit and vegetable hot air drying room blooms all over Xinjiang

“I can’t believe it until now. I can also make a living to support my family. The days of salary every month are the happiest moments for me. It means that I’m not dreaming. All this is true.” Mangshan Township, Yingjisha County Tosunguli Maimaiti of Towan Almali village stood in the professional farmer's cooperative at the Shenshou Red Date in Yingjisha County. He took the wages of only 2,500 yuan and told reporters with excitement.

She told reporters that she had been working at home, three children, two in college, and one in high school. The 7 acres of land in the family were contracted out of the 5500 yuan per year because the harvest was too small. The husband opened a taxi in the county and the monthly income was sent to the children in college. The land contract fee became the only source of maintenance for the family. Last year, Yingjisha County built a drying room. She therefore joined the Shenshou Red Date Farmer Professional Cooperative, sorting all kinds of dried fruits, and now she can get 2,000 yuan to 2,500 yuan in wages every month. The economic situation has eased.

Recently, when interviewed by reporters in southern Xinjiang, the reporter witnessed the implementation of the construction of a hot and wind drying room for fruits and vegetables in southern Xinjiang in the autonomous region, which has improved the lives of more than 200,000 farmers in South Xinjiang, such as Tusunguli Mamat; Xinjiang's various types of fruit and vegetables are worth more because of the drying room. This drying room, nestled in the depths of an oasis, has made southern Xinjiang alive and full of fruit.

"Abandoned children" become "darling" apricot industry warmer "Next year, I want to apply for two drying rooms." "I'll try it first, then I'll have a few seats." On August 28th, in the village of Tajoka, Qunbaek Town, Luntai County, 100 farmers gathered here to participate in the on-site meeting to observe the actual drying effect of the hot-air drying room for fruits and vegetables. Facing the golden dried apricots after drying, the farmers present showed great interest. Many people eagerly tried to apply for building a dry house in the coming year.

“This year our county applied for 240 hot and cold drying rooms for fruits and vegetables and 120 cold storages. Each drying room has an investment of 75,000 yuan, of which the central and autonomous regions bear 55,000 yuan, and the county’s financial support is 10,000 yuan. Farmers only need to raise funds themselves. Ten thousand yuan.At first, many farmers built an attitude of trying, and now it seems that the effect is good.” said the director of Agricultural Bureau of Luntai County, Yuki Yuki.

Fortunately, Yu Baihui introduced that Xiaobai apricot was the fruit of Luntai County. In the previous years, the planting area of ​​Xiaobaixing was added to 20,000 mu of land, which became the main source of income for local farmers. However, due to the limitations of fresh-keeping technology and lack of processing methods, good apricots cannot be sold at a good price. Some farmers sadly fell apricot trees and the planting area of ​​Xiaobai apricot fell to 10,000 mu. Unexpectedly, with the introduction of fruit and vegetable hot air drying rooms into Luntai County last year, the purchase price of Xiaobaixing has increased a lot, and fruit farmers have seen benefits, and the enthusiasm for managing and growing apricot trees has also increased. In 2015 alone, the planting area of ​​Xiaobaixing increased by 3,600 mu, and once the “abandoned children” has become a “darling” again.

Not only in Luntai County, but also in South China. In 2009, a total of 2.974 million mu of apricots were planted at the peak of the apricot planting area in Xinjiang. The total output was 1.844 million tons. However, due to factors such as unsuitable storage of apricots, short harvesting time, and processing lag, mature fresh apricots are mostly dried and dried by farmers according to local methods, except for a small amount of marketed vegetables and farmers' own food. The quality of dried apricots is low and the loss is large. In 2014, the planting area of ​​apricot trees in southern Xinjiang was only 1,785,100 mu and the annual output was only 1,275,400 tons.

“The completion of the hot-air drying room for fruits and vegetables made the apricot industry begin to warm up, and the enthusiasm for planting apricot trees everywhere was once again ignited. The planting areas of apricot trees in Hetian, Kashi, Aksu, and Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefectures are quietly increasing.” Autonomous Region Agricultural Industrialization A staff member of the Development Bureau said.

Drying project construction has also led a large number of people of insight to enter the apricot industry.

Wang Yijin was a general manager of a private company whose main business was processing donkey skins in Wensu County. After the fruit and vegetable hot-air drying room and cold storage construction project began to be implemented in southern Xinjiang, he resolutely gave up his previous business and invested RMB 5 million to establish. The Xinjiang Dragon Fruit Farmer Professional Cooperative. When the drying room project had not yet entered the Akesu region, he had purchased the drying room and the cold storage himself. With policy support this year, all the drying rooms were rebuilt with the latest technology.

“The bright future of this industry is predictable,” said Wang Yijin.

According to the director of the Autonomous Region Agricultural Products Processing Bureau, Nur Maitti·Tunia, due to the pulling action of the drying house project, the price of fresh apricots in southern Xinjiang has generally risen in 2014, increasing from RMB 0.5 to RMB 1 per kilogram in previous years. RMB 1.5 to RMB 5 per kilogram will directly increase farmer income by RMB 400 million to RMB 500 million, and the average income per household in the project area will increase by RMB 2,447, which will achieve the goal of both employment and income increase for farmers.

Cooperatives are driving the rapid development of drying houses Currently, the construction of 4,500 drying rooms and 1,000 cold storage rooms on the southern land is further excavating the additional benefits of the project for southern agricultural production. This will also lay a solid foundation for the industrialization of southern Xinjiang's agriculture and extension of its industrial chain. Among them, the rise of farmer professional cooperatives has contributed.

Kashgar is the second year of this year to implement a hot-air drying room for fruits and vegetables and a cold storage construction project. After the previous year's exploration and adjustment, the farmers' professional cooperatives gradually found the most suitable path for their own development, and the business model gradually matured. However, regardless of how cooperatives develop, they all promote the promotion of agriculture as their core concept of development. They closely link the development of cooperatives with the development of local farmers, promote each other and grow together.

The Yingshou Red Dates Farmers Cooperative in Yingjisha County is a farmer professional cooperative under the Kashi Godlian Organic Food Co., Ltd. With the help of the company's abundant funds, Shenshou Red Dates Farmers' Professional Cooperative has established a large-scale production base in the local area with the development model of “Cooperative Farmers' Base Company”, which has enabled many local farmers to find a stable job here.

Tong Sunguli Mamat is one of the cooperative's employees. “There are many employees like Tusun Guli Maimaiti. There are two husband and wife, and even a family of three or four people are working here. In the busy season, we can provide a long period of time as long as they have needs. A few months of employment contracts.” Wang Xinchun, deputy general manager and chairman of the cooperative company of Kashi Shenlian Organic Food Co., Ltd., told reporters that the “basic salary performance pay” model was welcomed by employees, as long as they worked hard, 3,000 yuan per month. Diverse income will be put into their pockets.

Similar to the Yingshou Red Dates Farmers Cooperative of Yingjisha County, the Shufu County Fuminqiao Farmers' Professional Cooperative (hereinafter referred to as “Fuminqiao Farmer’s Professional Cooperative”) has always regarded the promotion of income increase as its own obligation.

As one of the most successful farmer professional cooperatives in Shufu County last year, the Fuminqiao Farmers Cooperative has received 3 million yuan in capital injection from Shufu County Hongyuan Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongyuan Agriculture”). Mr. Mutai, chairman of the Fuminqiao Farmers’ Professional Cooperative, was surprised that Zhang Zhengwei, the general manager of Hongyuan Agriculture, shared the same philosophy with him, that is, getting rich and returning society and promoting farmers' income.

“Our Shufu County land transfer price is generally around 500 yuan/mu, but our cooperatives transfer the price to the local farmers at 1,000 yuan/mu. After receiving the land, we build a shed on the land and return those farmers to come back. In the field, the salary for rehiring is at least 3,000 yuan, and the daily wages of the temporary workers hired during the busy farming period are all around 150 yuan.” Mutai Limian · Mai Maiti: “High income makes more Farmers are willing to join the cooperatives. There will be 95 new members this year, and there will be as many as a few hundred temporary workers when the farmers are busy. The dried apricots provided by the cooperatives are in short supply."

At the same time as developing himself, Mujitai, Mamaiti and Zhang Zhengwei always thought about how to make local farmers become rich themselves. They told reporters that when chatting with local farmers, they discovered that many farmers, especially young people, have a desire to start a business and are eager to establish their own cooperatives. However, language problems have become obstacles that they cannot overcome.

Faced with this phenomenon, the cooperatives of Majestic Maitai and Zhang Zhengwei also adopted the “mixed employment” system, which allowed Han employees to work with minority employees to create a language learning environment. Not only is the process of mutual learning, but also to a certain extent promoted the development of national unity. Zhang Zhengwei told reporters.

The refurbishment of brilliance products did not sell out because of the climate, this year, southern Xinjiang's apricots suffered more severe damage, but the reporter found that, compared with 2014, drying rooms in southern Xinjiang are all very busy, and the baked products are also varied. Dried apricots, fruits, vegetables ... as long as you can think of fruits and vegetables, can not be baked.

On August 21st, a variety of products baked by co-operatives were displayed on a stand lined up in the “Yakexi” fruit farmer professional cooperative compound in Sanchaqia Village, Wucha Township, Kuche County. , snow chrysanthemum, mulberry, black wolfberry, dried melon, dried vegetables and other products. “The 10 tons of black sorghum baked this year has been sold at a price of 480 yuan/kg. The 50 tons of apricots that are baked have basically been sold.” Co-operative head Ai Zechao Sematy told reporters with joy. Say.

According to Ai Zechao Sematy, the "Yaksi" fruit farmers' professional cooperative was established in 2010 and has 72 farmers. This year it applied for 5 hot and cold drying rooms for fruits and vegetables and 2 cold storages, and 50 tons of dried apricots. After the bake is completed, Ai Zechao Sematy proposes to use the most characteristic fruit products in the region for experimental baking, and has achieved unexpected results.

Zhu Yonggang, member of the Standing Committee and Organization Department of the Kuche County Party Committee, told reporters that Kuche County allocated 100 fruit and vegetable drying rooms and 35 cold storage facilities this year. The fruits and vegetables hot-air drying room and cold storage construction projects have doubled the benefits of the local fruit products. In the next year, Kuche County is also preparing to apply for 150 drying rooms and 50 cold storages in order to achieve deep processing of forest fruit products in the county. , to lengthen the purpose of the industry chain.

In the Lila Farmers' Professional Cooperative in the town of Saiyibag, Shufu County, the reporter saw that more than a dozen hot and dry fruit and vegetable drying facilities are operating at full capacity to bake fresh dried tomatoes.

Sayibago Rural Lira Peasant Cooperative was established in July 2012 and mainly processes fresh apricots, peppers, tomatoes and red dates. In 2014, relying on the “Jiaoping Express” project of the autonomous region, four new drying rooms were newly built to process 270 tons of various types of agricultural products and achieve a profit of RMB 250,000. This year, the cooperative expanded its production scale by building 26 fruit and vegetable hot-drying rooms and 6 cold storages. It also signed 2,000 acres of tomatoes and tomatoes with farmers and realized a profit of 5 million yuan. The person in charge of the agency told the reporter that in order to increase the efficiency of baking, the cooperative also specifically absorbs the surrounding rural women to work in cooperatives and pay them a certain amount of compensation every day according to the workload. Someone can earn more than 100 yuan a day.

According to Nur Mumati and Tuiyaya, this year's dried houses in southern Xinjiang have baked 4696.22 tons of various types of fruits and vegetables. Apart from apricot, mulberries, scallions, tomatoes, alfalfa, roses, and snow have also been baked. Chrysanthemum, oysters, and even beans, cauliflower, etc. There have been concerns that the equipment would be idle after the drying room baked the apricots, and now it seems that the worry is redundant.

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