Fujian Pingnan Edible Fungus Drying Industry Enters Era of Electrification

On December 5th, the first third-generation intelligent heat pump drying stove in the first edible fungus base in Banzhen Village, Changqiao Town, Pingnan County was commissioned and put into production. This marked that the drying industry of Pingnan edible fungus entered the era of electrification.

According to statistics, there are 33 existing edible mushroom drying enterprises in Changqiao Town, Pingnan County, with a total drying scale of 329 stoves. The town has a storage capacity of over 130 million bags of tea tree mushrooms with an output value of about 350 million. The mushroom mushroom drying in the town is mainly based on Agrocybe. In terms of energy utilization, drying is mainly performed on coal as a fuel, and wood fuel and wood chips are used as fuel. Such a drying oven not only has low production efficiency and heavy pollution, but also has hidden fire hazards.

In June this year, Pingnan Power Supply Company took charge of the leadership of the Marketing Department and the relevant person in charge of the Changqiao Power Supply Bureau, and went deep into the edible fungi processing bases such as Changqiao Village and Banzhen Village to carry out investigations on the potential of electrical energy substitution and guide users in electrical energy substitution and transformation. Provide policy and technical guidance. In addition, an electrification drying pilot was set up in the semi-temperate village edible fungi processing base, and a new public transformer was built to guarantee the power demand of the new smart heat pump drying oven.

It is reported that in the latter half of the year, the village's edible fungus base will build a new generation of the third generation of intelligent heat pump drying stoves, and invites edible mushroom drying enterprises to settle in the pilot base to form an industrial cluster. (Author Cao Ying)

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