Granule packaging machine is an important equipment for packaging of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules

With the introduction of the "Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline", "Chinese Medicine Development Strategic Plan 2016-2030", and "Chinese Medicine Formula Granule Management Measures (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" and other policies, plus the July 1st " "Chinese Medicine Act", the trend of liberalization of the traditional Chinese medicine formula granule industry is increasingly clear, the development of the Chinese medicine industry usher in a golden period of development.

The traditional Chinese medicine formula granule is a single-taste traditional Chinese medicine product that is made by adopting modern science and technology and following the method of decoction of traditional Chinese medicine decoction and purifying, deconcentrating, drying and granulating traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. The product maintains the taste and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. The quality is stable and reliable. It is used in the deployment of traditional Chinese medicine clinic prescriptions, and it has the advantages of no boiling, easy to take, fast absorption, accurate dose, safe and clean, and easy to carry.

In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine formula granules have gradually moved towards the era of intelligent automation in terms of production. For example, Jingyuetang Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula granules intelligent deployment solution is a set of Chinese medicine formula granules automatic deployment system that can replace manual medicine, accurate weighing, reasonable deployment, and standard packaging. It consists of a prescription management information system, a medicine cabinet, a dispensing cabinet, a granule dispensing metering platform, and an automatic packaging machine. The system can achieve uniform mixing of different types of granules in a prescription. And divided into equal doses packaged in a separate kit, which is very convenient for patients to take, carry and store.

With the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, the state's supervision of product packaging has become increasingly stringent. It stipulates that traditional Chinese medicine operations and the use of units for the purchase of Chinese medicine must be products that meet the packaging requirements; those that do not meet the packaging requirements must not be purchased or sold. It can be seen that packaging plays an important role in the Chinese medicine industry.

Experts in the industry stated that traditional Chinese medicine formula granules have to be transported, loaded and unloaded, stored, wholesaled, retailed and many other links in the circulation process. During the process of spatial displacement and time continuation, it will inevitably fall, collide, and friction, and it will also be susceptible to sunlight, Influences of air, temperature, humidity, microbes, and other organisms (such as mice, insects, etc.), produce discoloration, deliquescence, melting, weathering, oil removal, spoilage, insect infestation, mildew, etc. The quality has changed. When the product is properly packaged, it can resist the destruction of various external factors, improve the stability of product quality, delay deterioration, prevent the mixing of impurities, contamination and mixing of medicinal materials, and ensure the loss of the clarity and quantity of products.

Experts believe that in today's increasingly fierce market competition, good packaging can guarantee the quality of products. Nowadays, consumers' consumption concepts have been improved. In addition to the brand and quality of their products, they have also begun to attach importance to packaging. In the future, the packaging will gradually become one of the important weapons for the Chinese traditional medicine granules manufacturers to compete for the market.

At present, many pharmaceutical companies have increased their emphasis on the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules and have conducted long-term cooperation and research with related pharmaceutical packaging companies. For example, Beijing Kangrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Shijiazhuang Zhonghui Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. for more than two years. The two sides cooperated in the research of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules and their packaging products in order to continuously improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. We have also developed a smart Chinese medicine dispensing packaging system and designed and produced products that are applicable, more convenient, and safer.

The author understands that the pellet packaging machine is an important equipment for the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. In the traditional Chinese medicine formula granule industry, the policies are favorable, and the pellet packaging machine industry will usher in a new development opportunity as a related packaging industry. With the diversified development of the country's industry, the field of particle packaging machines presents a trend of diversification and individuation. Only by adapting to the packaging needs of different shapes and materials, particle packaging machine companies can increase the level of modern automation control and ensure the aesthetics and accuracy of packaging. Only in this way can they bring more rapid production efficiency and productivity to major manufacturers. The quality and quality of the formulated granules provide strong guarantees to comply with the requirements of the future development of the packaging machinery industry.

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