Guangfeng black talc resource development rational return

On February 26, the China National Building Materials Industry Association revealed that the latest exploration results showed that the reserves of high grade black talc in Guangfeng County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province exceeded 1 billion tons, ranking the first in the world. The Guangfeng County Government adopted the “buying, hanging, and hanging” policy to bid for the exclusive mining rights, fundamentally quelled the chaos of indiscriminate mining, and stabilized and gradually increased the market price of black talc. After the “recruitment and hanging” of the exclusive mining rights of black talc, Fangfeng Non-mining Co., Ltd. has begun to arrange “all black talc capitals in China” in an all-round way. The value of its extended industrial chain can exceed 100 billion yuan.
Black talc is a rare non-metallic mineral species. After calcined, the whiteness is as high as 95%. It has good insulation, heat resistance, adsorption, lubrication and other properties. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of plastics, coatings, cosmetics, building materials and other fields. Applications. The main producing areas of black talc in China are distributed in Liaoning, Shandong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and other provinces and regions. In addition to satisfying the domestic market demand, the products are also exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, the European Union, the ASEAN and other countries and regions. The current market demand is strong and demand exceeds supply. Some experts predict that the world average annual demand growth will reach 5% in the next 10 years. The content of silicon and magnesium in the black talc ore in Guangfeng area reached 66% and 30%, respectively, making it a rare high grade talc in China.
According to experts from the China Nonmetallic Mineral Industry Association, due to the same indiscriminate exploitation of black talc deposits and other mineral resources, this industrial chain is very fragile and almost every link is in the original state of industrialization. The market value of black talc is very low. In order to rationally and effectively use resources, the Guangfeng County Government implemented a bidding, auction, and auction policy, and the bidders obtained exclusive bids through bids. This policy has brought great benefits to the local economy: the auction price has increased from about 10 million yuan to more than 100 million yuan; this policy has also made the industry economy taste the sweetness: the evaluation price for each ton of black talc ore is from the original From 1.4 to 1.9 yuan, it has risen to 34 yuan, and now it has reached 100 yuan, and the value of resources has returned to a reasonable level. Moreover, this policy has completely cured the stubborn illness of the local black talc that has been exploited for many years and laid a solid foundation for the large-scale development of the black talc industry.
Mei Ruijie, Chairman of Guangfeng County Fangzheng Non-Ferrous Mines Co., Ltd., told reporters that in accordance with the “Mineral Storage, Diced Auctions, National Investment Promotion, Pricing by Tonnage, Exclusive Operation, and Mining Period of 5 Years, the Premise of the Competition is to gradually extend to the deep processing and finishing industries. With the “recruitment and auction” policy for the mining rights, the development of the Guangfeng Black Talc Industry will shift from the simple sale of raw ore in the past to the development of deep processing products. At present, the company has cooperated with Tsinghua University, Peking University and other Hong Kong enterprises to develop a variety of high wear-resistant, high-strength and high-quality new materials for industrial ceramics, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and aerospace industry. According to the current scale and growth rate of the black talc industry that Guangfeng has already formed, the economic value of the black talc extension industry chain, directly or indirectly, exceeds 100 billion yuan.
It is reported that in the newly-developed Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Development Plan for the country, the development and utilization of 1 billion tons of black talc mineral resources in Guangfeng County has been listed as a key project. The county will follow the instructions of the State Council to encourage large-scale enterprise groups to enter non-metallic mines and realize the intensive mining and utilization of non-mineral resources. It will target the formation of mineral resources as a source, capital operation as a means, and extension of the industrial chain. Development pattern. The practice of the local government to rationally exploit and effectively use mineral resources and scientifically develop one economy has been fully affirmed by the China Non-Mining Association.

GB/T8162 ASTM A106 JIS G3441 JIS G3444 JIS G3445 API 5L API 5CT

Production method:hot rolled

3.Scope:Out diameter:32-425mm Wall thickness:8-70mm

4.Tolerance:OD:+/-1% WT:+/-12.5%

5.Material:C10E C20E C40E C45E CK22 CK30 CK35 40Mn4 SMn420 30Mn5 36Mn5 20Cr4 41Cr4 15CrMo5 20CrMo5 25CrMo4 42CrMo4 and so on

6.Delivery conditions:hot rolled, normalizing

7.MOQ:10metric ton

8.Packing:bundles with steel strip

9.Shipment ways:(1)bulk carrier,if large,suggest choose bulk carrier because port surcharge is lower than container

                                (2)20'container:22metric ton

                                     40'container:26metric ton

Cold drawn Seamless Steel Pipe

1.Standard:GB/T3639 DIN2391 EN10305 JIS G 3473

2.Production method:cold drawn,cold rolled,finished rolling

3.Scope:Out diameter:8-300mm Wall thickness:1-20mm

4.Tolerance:OD+/-0.1-0.2mm WT:+/-0.1-0.2mm

5.Material:C10E C20E C40E C45E CK22 CK30 CK35 40Mn4 SMn420 30Mn5 36Mn5 20Cr4 41Cr4 15CrMo5 20CrMo5 25CrMo4 42CrMo4 and so on

6.Delivery conditions:BK BKW BKS GBK NBK

7.MOQ:5metric ton

8.Packing:bundles with steel strip, wooden case

9.Shipment ways:20'container:22metric ton

                                40'container:26metric ton




Packaging & Shipping

 bundles with steel strip 

(1)bulk carrier,if large,suggest choose bulk carrier because port surcharge is lower than container

(2)20'container:22metric ton

   40'container:26metric ton


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Large Diameter Pipe Thick Wall Carbon steel bube

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