Henan Oilfield adopts flotation device to purify sewage

The picture shows the technical staff of the station testing the operation status of the debugging floatation machine.
On January 23, the main unit of the sewage treatment system of the heavy oil unit of Henan Oilfield, the flotation machine, was commissioned. The device is manufactured and installed by Liaoning Huafu Group. It uses dissolved gas to generate tiny bubbles and separates the agent from the flocs formed in the sewage, thus achieving the purpose of purifying water quality. The daily treatment volume is 10,000 square meters. During the debugging process, in the face of the unfavorable factors of low temperature and easy freezing and blocking, related experts and technicians overcome various difficulties such as snow and cold, careful organization, scientific construction, and the method of adding temporary clean water pipelines to ensure the flotation device debugging Operating normally.

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