How to control haze in our country

(I) Control measures

The first is to control major sources of pollution, including dust pollution control, motor vehicle exhaust pollution control, coal-fired pollution control, and regional joint prevention and control.

The second is to strengthen forecasting and forecasting of hazy weather, such as carrying out research on forecasting methods for haze days and building service platforms, providing public with defense guidelines, and providing government with dynamic decision-making services for environmental protection measures.

The third is to dynamically adjust and control weather conditions, strengthen cooperation with meteorological departments, and implement dynamic regulation of major pollution sources based on meteorological conditions.

(b) Governance measures

First, the government improved the law. The governance of air pollution abroad has preceded legislation and a complete legal system has now been formed. At present, China's air pollution legislation is still incomplete, and relevant laws and regulations should be improved as soon as possible. The 13-year Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law has yet to be revised and the PM2.5-controlled law and regulations system must be revised. For example, increase the content of regional joint defense prevention and control in environmental protection laws and regulations, increase the intensity of motor vehicle exhaust gas treatment, and revise motor vehicle exhaust emission standards through legislation, etc.

The second is the adjustment of economic structure. China is a coal-based energy consumption structure. Fossil energy accounts for 92.7% of China's overall energy structure. In the face of severe environmental pollution and degraded ecosystems, the traditional development model at the expense of fossil resources has been difficult to sustain, and there is an urgent need to shift from a “high-carbon” economy to a “low-carbon” economy. The ultimate solution to avoid coal-burning pollution is to use clean energy and reduce pollution emissions at the source.

The third is energy saving and emission reduction. According to the principle of “whoever polls and administers”, it is imperative to “force” the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Enterprises should promote clean production, rely on scientific and technological inputs to transform production methods, use natural gas, solar energy and other clean energy, reduce emissions of polluting gases, and thus achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

The fourth is to promote low-carbon life. Energy saving and emission reduction is a business that requires the participation of all citizens. Everyone should enhance their awareness of emission reduction. There is a need to fully implement green transformation, including the development of ideas, production and lifestyle transformation. For every citizen, the freshness of the environment requires the power of everyone. Starting from oneself, strive to achieve a low-carbon life, green travel, green consumption, and consciously reduce the emission of pollutants.

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