Hyundai Heavy Industries will industrialize new MarkV technology

Hyundai Heavy Industries will industrialize new MarkV technology

France has signed GTT GTT's new MarkV industrialization and technological cooperation agreement with South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI). A few weeks ago, the French engineering company and Samsung Heavy Industries also signed a similar partnership contract.

The agreement includes the development and award of innovative welding robots for the major stainless steel and Invar secondary shielding films. The robot optimizes the welding process and reduces welding time.

MarkV technology has become an optimized MarkIII system and the same type of MarkIIIFlex technology. Thanks to the development of MarkIII technology and MarkIIIFlex technology, MarkV technology consists of double insulation reinforced polyurethane foam. The new system also includes an innovative nickel-alloy steel corrugated secondary membrane and offers significant improvements in daily gasification rates. MarkV technology has been approved in principle by major classification societies.

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