Intelligentization will be the future development direction of China's plastic machinery

2009 is an important year for China's presses industry to work hard to cope with risk and challenges, accelerate transformation and upgrade, and move forward to presses. Intelligentization will be the development direction of plastic machinery, and the development of independent innovation capability will also be a major issue for presses. With the further maturation of the plastics processing industry, it also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the plastics machinery industry. Experts predict that intelligence will become a new direction for the development of presses. In recent years, domestic specialized production has developed rapidly. Components such as the above-mentioned materials, screws, barrels, speed reducers, and quick-change network devices can be produced by themselves. At the same time, the delivery period has been shortened to 6-9 months, about the past 1/3 of the time. In addition, product varieties are diversified, such as various injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molding machines. Especially injection molding machines, large-scale, super-large products have come out one after another. Experts pointed out that high-precision presses are R&D goals. To integrate more electronic and network technologies, machines that can automatically control will become the protagonists of the future market.
China's plastics processing industry has tremendous potential for development, opening up a vast space for the rapid growth of the injection molding machine industry. At present, 83% of plastic processed products are injection molded. In recent years, due to the increasing demand for injection products in industries such as automobiles, construction, household appliances, food, and medicine, the level of injection molding technology has been promoted and improved. About 70% of China's plastic machinery is an injection molding machine. From the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and Other major producing countries, the output of injection molding machines has increased year by year, accounting for the largest share in plastic machinery.
From the development of injection molding machines, it can be foreseen that the press parts are promising. With the development of injection molding machines and the continuous expansion of the international market, the market for the auxiliary machines and peripheral equipment of presses has brought a greater market and more business opportunities. In the past, most Chinese customers only paid attention to investment in processing equipment. Buy relatively inexpensive auxiliary equipment and peripheral equipment. With the rapid development of automobiles, mobile phones, electronic appliances, food and beverage packaging, plastic building materials and other markets, supporting plastic product processors have begun to use high-end auxiliary equipment to meet the demand of high-quality plastic products in the terminal market. produce
Under the premise of the international financial crisis and energy conservation, China's plastics machinery has gradually turned to the direction of specialized production of mechanical equipment that is lightweight, saves resources, saves energy, and can recycle recycled products. In the face of the financial crisis, the current "price war" in the press market is somewhat chaotic and disorderly, and it also exposes the drawbacks of the plastics machinery market to a certain extent. In terms of management, relevant parties also stated that they should publish the accuracy standards and testing standards for plastic machinery as soon as possible, which is decisive for regulating the current “price war” plastic machinery market that many press companies have joined. It is of great significance to create an economically competitive, fair and orderly competitive market environment and promote the continuous advancement of plastics machinery technology. At the time of this financial crisis, the plastics machinery industry should work harder on the basis of existing developments, strive to continuously narrow the gap with the international advanced presses, and become a powerful industrial player in the plastic machinery industry.

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