Jiujiang Petrochemical's third-generation on-line NMR analysis system successfully implemented

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, the first third-generation on-line nuclear magnetic analysis system in the Sinopec system was successfully used in the Jiujiang Petrochemical No. 1 atmospheric and vacuum unit. After a series of data comparisons and tuning, by July 22, the optimization of 75 physical properties models has been completed and real-time display of analytical data on the DCS has been achieved. The successful application of the system not only provides timely and accurate data support for the optimization and production of professional and technical managers at all levels, but also opens up a new path for the rapid detection of raw materials and the physical properties of distillates.

The third-generation on-line NMR analysis system is mainly composed of a pretreatment system, an on-line NMR analyzer, and a physical property model, and can be used for crude oil, initial oil, and common oil in an atmospheric and vacuum installation that is advancing RTO (real-time optimization) construction. The physical properties of 75 oils in top oil, Chang-I line oil, Chang-Serial oil, and three-line oil six-disc material were analyzed rapidly every 48 minutes, and the data was used to calibrate RTO crude oil molecular database and molecular mechanism modeling to establish real-time optimization. The model laid the foundation. Compared with other on-line analysis technologies, on-line NMR analysis system has the characteristics of multiple materials detection, wide physical properties, and easy maintenance.
It is reported that in recent years, Jiujiang Petrochemical Corporation has actively explored the deepening applications of nuclear magnetic resonance technology by focusing on improving the accuracy and agility of PIMS, RSIM and ORION integrated linkage optimization, and maximizing the value of each fraction of processed crude oil. Through the formation of a rapid assessment team for raw oil, the company established an innovation studio, conducted in-depth studies of nuclear magnetic resonance analysis technology and feedstock oil rapid assessment modelling methods, and continuously expanded and deepened its application fields, endeavored to promote the construction of a nuclear magnetic model base, and led the development of the industry.
(Original Title: Jiujiang Petrochemical's Third Generation On-line NMR Analysis System Successfully Used)

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