Linglongcheng Qingdao Port Authority strategic supplier

In 2013, Linglong Tire successfully established a strategic supplier relationship with Qingdao Port, the seventh largest port in the world and China’s second largest foreign trade port.

In 2012, Qingdao Port completed a throughput of 406.9 million tons and a container volume of 14.503 million TEUs. Imported crude oil throughput ranks first in China's ports, and container handling efficiency and iron ore unloading efficiency have always maintained the world's best. Due to the large demand for tires in Qingdao port, complicated models, and high requirements for tire quality, Qingdao Port has adopted a more complete and more scientific tire procurement process since 2013. Linglong tires are well-established with excellent product quality and professional services. Delivery.

In recent years, Linglong Tire has continuously improved its sales channels, submerged its service network, and strived to provide consumers with high-quality, considerate services and excellent product quality. Has achieved a high degree of recognition of a number of high-quality group customers. Has started to provide quality products and services for a number of group customers such as Fushun Minerals Group, Shandong China Mining Group, Shenyang Automotive Group, Shandong Express Storage and Transportation Company, and Tianjin Binhai Bus. Group customers with strong market influence and high product quality requirements have full confidence in the exquisite series of products, which will provide a powerful market driving force for the sales channel construction. Exquisite tires will gain more consumers' favor.

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