Maleic anhydride industry faces three major crises

Since entering the new century, China's maleic anhydride industry has continued to develop rapidly. Maleic anhydride has become an indispensable and important organic raw material product for the development of the national economy. In 2006, the production capacity, actual output, and export volume of the maleic anhydride industry in China all reached a record high. In 2006, the production capacity of maleic anhydride in China reached 630,000 tons, an increase of 4.25 times over 2000; the actual production of maleic anhydride in China reached 368,000 tons, 3.69 times more than in 2000. However, at the same time, we must clearly see that the production and operation of China's maleic anhydride industry are facing three major crises:
More and more surplus market crisis The total production capacity of maleic anhydride devices in China will reach 855 thousand tons by the end of 2007. In the first half of 2007, three sets of 35,000 tons of newly-built maleic anhydride devices have been completed and put into operation in the second quarter. A total of 13 sets of maleic anhydride devices with a total capacity of 200,000 tons will be built and put into operation. In 2007, construction was started. In 2008, there were 7 sets of maleic anhydride devices that could be put into operation. The total production capacity was 120,000 tons. At present, engineering design is being carried out. There are 3 sets of maleic anhydride devices planned to start construction in 2008, and the total production capacity is 60,000 tons. At present, there are nearly 10 companies that are doing preliminary project research or have completed project feasibility studies, with a total capacity of 300,000 tons. Despite the bullish factors such as the increase in exports and the increase in downstream demand, the downstream users of maleic anhydride will certainly not reach the speed of growth in the capacity of maleic anhydride devices. Therefore, the supply and demand situation of domestic maleic anhydride products market in the next few years will be the situation of “supply exceeds demand”.
More and more nervous resource crisis The main raw material of maleic anhydride is coking benzene, and there is an increasingly tense trend. This is mainly manifested in two aspects:
On the one hand, the crude benzene hydrorefining project competes with coking benzene for crude benzene resources. Coking crude benzene refining is one of the basic technologies of coal chemical industry, and valuable products such as pure benzene, toluene, xylene and heavy benzene can be obtained. At present, there are mainly acid pickling and hydrogenation methods for the domestic production of coking crude benzene. The pickling method has been banned by the state and has been banned within a time limit. The crude benzene hydrogenation refining process has low energy consumption, low cost, and good product quality, and represents the current mainstream development direction of the crude benzene processing refining process. Now China has Baosteel, Shijiazhuang coking plant and other enterprises, a total of four sets of crude benzene hydrogenation refining equipment imported into foreign technology construction, operating equipment capacity of about 210,000 tons / year. At present, the first set of 25,000-ton/year coking crude benzene hydrogenation industrial demonstration equipment for crude benzene hydrorefining industrial equipment with independent intellectual property technology construction breaks the bottleneck of reliance on imported technology and can greatly reduce the crude benzene hydrogenation refining project. investment. It is reported that the capacity of crude benzene hydrorefining projects currently under construction and planned throughout the country has reached 2 million to 2.4 million tons. With the completion of the crude benzene hydrorefining project, the raw benzene used for coking benzene will become more and more intense. In the next three to five years, coking benzene used for the production of maleic anhydride will be difficult to exceed 2 million tons. The crude benzene hydrofining project competed against the crude benzene resources. In the first half of this year, crude benzene prices rose by RMB 1,100 to 1,200/ton, which was mainly due to the completion of a 66,000-ton benzene hydrogenation project in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, which resulted in tight crude benzene supply and rapid price increase. The 200,000-ton benzene hydrogenation project introduced by Shanxi Three-dimensional Group Co., Ltd. with the introduction of a full set of German Wood company technology will also be completed and put into production in the third quarter of 2007, when crude benzene prices will be difficult to predict.
On the other hand, the crude benzene resource crisis caused by the elimination of outdated small coking and soil coking production capacity was eliminated. Taking Shanxi Province as an example, since 2003, the entire province of Shanxi has already eliminated over 50 million tons of outdated coke production capacity. Within two years, the province will also eliminate over 20 million tons of outdated coke production capacity.
Increasingly Closer to the Marketing Crisis The use of n-butane as a raw material to produce maleic anhydride, advanced technology, and reasonable use of resources, so the use of n-butane instead of pure benzene production of maleic anhydride raw material route is entirely correct. In recent years, due to the production and production of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) devices using multiple mixed carbon four fractions after butadiene extraction in China, the production of maleic anhydride using its high content of n-butane tail gas will be the raw material route for maleic anhydride in China. The conversion opens the curtain. At present, there are two sets of 20,000 tons of maleic anhydride produced from n-butane as raw material, and two sets of 20,000 tons of equipment will be completed and put into production this year. This year we are designing. There will be 60,000 tons of installation capacity next year. The installation capacity of the preliminary investigation and feasibility report of the project has now completed about 280,000 tons. Units that produce maleic anhydride using n-butane as raw materials are affiliated or affiliated with Guomao Super Large Group Co., Ltd., which has an annual profit of several hundred to 100 billion yuan. With the successive completion and production of the maleic anhydride device using n-butane as a raw material, the pressure on the existing benzene-based maleic anhydride device manufacturers, especially the private-owned SMEs, will gradually increase.

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