Method for conveying filling material

The filling method of the filling material is: hydraulic conveying, wind conveying and mechanical conveying.
Hydraulic conveying. In the ground filling preparation station, through the filling pipeline, the double-line self-weight conveying or pumping the water sand filling or cementing filling material to the underground mining site for filling.
Wind power delivery. Generally, a filling station is set up in the well to prepare a cemented filling or dry filling material, and then through a pipeline, and is filled with a compressed gas input field.
Mechanical filling. Dry filling materials are often filled by filling downhole wells, transported to the stope, and filled by electric shovel or throwing machine. The filling is filled with concrete or by surface agitation, and is prepared by a vertical pipeline downhole or a preparation station under the well, and then sent to the stope, and then filled with an electric raft or a throwing machine.
At present, both domestic and foreign are based on hydraulic filling. Whether it is wind filling or mechanical filling, there are auxiliary problems of conveying and filling downholes, many links and complicated processes. However, the wind filling machine and the throwing machine are filled with the advantages of high packing density and good topping. In some mining methods, the above-mentioned downward and downward approach filling method can fully demonstrate its superiority.
In addition to the filling mining method, the goaf of the open field mining method is also commonly used for post-filling filling in processes such as hydraulic filling or dry self-weight filling. When filling the goaf with water, the dewatering speed is not strict, and the water is allowed to escape in a certain period of time. The water content of the filling body is not strict, but the dewatering facility must be set to prevent the filling body from being saturated or quasi-saturated for a long time. .

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