Ministry of Commerce Officials Say Tire Trade Dispute Decisions Are Important to Sino-U.S. Relations

An official of the Ministry of Commerce’s news department said on September 9 that China will continue to pay close attention to the tire trade dispute between China and the United States. President Barack Obama will make an important decision on the case before next weekend.

The official said that Obama’s decision will be an important factor affecting Sino-U.S. relations.

Obama will make a decision on a proposal of the US International Trade Commission before September 17. The proposal may result in the United States imposing a tariff of up to 55% on Chinese low-end tires, and the current tax rate is less than 4%.

The official said that he hopes that the United States will make a decision with caution. In principle, the Chinese side opposes this US policy proposal. China has repeatedly expressed its opposition to trade protectionism and called on the United States and other members of the G20 to boycott trade protectionism.

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