Non-State-owned No. 4 Unable to Deal with Zhengzhou 3,000 Vehicles

From July 1, diesel commercial vehicles will implement the national IV standard, and new cars that do not meet the national IV standard will not be able to be on the market. The Zhengzhou Vehicle Administration Institute was implemented on July 1. Affected by this, more than 3,000 diesel commercial vehicles on the Zhengzhou market cannot be “married” and worth several hundred million yuan.

●   More than 3,000 diesel commercial vehicles can not be on the card

In the past few days, Mr. Wu, a light-card dealer of a certain brand in Zhengzhou City, was frowning. Because he was unable to get a license, his dozens of light trucks could not be shot, leaving him in a hurry. His distress stemmed from a paper notice issued by the Zhengzhou City Vehicle Administration on June 28th: ​​July 1 Heavy-duty Trucks fully implemented the National IV Standard and the Natural Gas Truck Executive Country V Standard.

Mr. Wu said that on the same day, several hundred cars in line with the national standard III went to the vehicle management office and lined up for several kilometers. However, only a part of the new cars were put on board within the prescribed time, and many cars failed to show up. Now, these countries III standards of the car either can not be sold, or have been sold but can not be on the card, a conservative estimate, Zhengzhou has more than 3,000 vehicles worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mr. Wu’s distress notification was issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It stipulates that since July 1, 2013, all production, import, sales, and registration of vehicle compression ignition engines (ie, diesel vehicles) ) And cars must meet the requirements of the National IV standard. Vehicles that do not meet the requirements shall not be subject to registration, foreign registration of change in the city, and transfer registration procedures.

●   Modify the engine number to become qualified

The person in charge of Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau stated that Zhengzhou is also strictly implemented according to the requirements of the country. He said that the emission of a national III vehicle is only 1/14 of that of a yellow-standard vehicle, and that of a national IV vehicle is half that of a national III. Compared with the National III standard oil, the pollutant discharge of the National IV standard oil is reduced by 15%.

This argument creates an excellent policy implementation condition when many people push the harsh environmental problems to the tail gas pollution of vehicles. However, in the eyes of the industry, the implementation of this standard is a bit "great leap forward" because many conditions are simply not available in reality. Mr. Wu said that many of the domestic oil products still remain in the National II standard, and the national IV standard vehicle oil country II standard oil can not be a problem?

As with every upgrade, manufacturers and distributors are now also trying to solve inventory problems. The common solution is to “change code”, that is, manufacturers provide certificates, dealers modify the engine and other related information, and they become a match. National emission standards for qualified vehicles. Because the engine number was originally printed by the manufacturer, the vehicle management department could not find it.

●   News extension:

Mr. Wu said that diesel vehicles undergoing national IV standard upgrades usually use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, which uses urea solutions to treat the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. Diesel vehicles that meet the national IV standard need to be regularly replenished with urea (vehicles equipped with urea tanks), but currently there is no special urea addition station in China.

He said that the current so-called state-of-the-art standards for some vehicles is in fact nothing more than urea. This is an industry phenomenon.

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