Outdoor LED display project budget reference report

Before we decide to do a LED display project, we must make a detailed budget report. In this report, it must be stated whether it is outdoor or indoor, because in different locations, the project cost is completely different. The budget for outdoor LED display projects is basically composed of the following four types of project cost.
First, the basic project cost
The so-called basic engineering is to fix the LED display infrastructure projects. The price structure of the project consists of excavation, backfilling, concrete, steel reinforcement and other materials, as well as mechanical and labor costs. This part of the quotation is based on the volume of earthwork and concrete as the quotation unit, ie yuan/square, the weight of steel bar as quoted unit, ie yuan/ton, and the number of days of construction manpower as quotation, ie yuan/day. The general valuation can be unified for volumetric valuation of reinforced concrete, which can be valued between 700-1000 yuan. When the volume is large, the price goes down. The volume of the civil engineering foundation is generally approximately the same as the area of ​​the upper screen. For example, the 40 square screen has a basic volume of about 40 square meters.
Second, strong and weak electrical wiring project cost
The cost components of outdoor LED display projects for strong and weak electrical wiring projects include: installation of cables, pipeline trunkings, pipeline trunking, and pay-off costs. Cables, pipe trunkings and their installations are quoted in units of length, that is, yuan/meter, and lineups are quoted in days, ie yuan/day. The general valuation can be uniformly calculated for the length of the wiring, if the construction itself can only be calculated in accordance with the actual. There are many specifications for high-strength cables, and the market price changes greatly. Therefore, cables with large cross-sections should be put in place by Party A in advance. In the weak cable, the 8-core network cable is generally priced at 4 yuan/root meter. The shielded flexible cable is generally valued at 10 yuan/root meter, and the optical fiber is generally valued at 6 yuan/meter. There is an additional material cost of 280 yuan for each end of the fiber (splicing, pigtails, etc.).
Third, steel frame construction cost
The cost structure of the outdoor LED display steel structure frame includes: reprocessing of steel materials and steel materials, welding labor, and auxiliary materials. The quotations for the reprocessing of steel materials and materials are quoted in units of weight, ie RMB/ton, and welding labor is quoted in units of days, ie yuan/day. The general valuation can be unified by the weight of steel materials, ie RMB/ton. Steel materials are generally at 4500-5500 yuan/ton (adjusted according to market prices), reprocessing is generally at 600-1500 yuan/ton (adjusted according to reprocessing method), welding labor is generally at 2000-3500 yuan/ton, auxiliary materials are at 500 yuan RMB/ton or so, such general steel structure construction is 7000-9500 yuan/ton (excluding reprocessing). In the LED display project, the general frame weight can be estimated at 0.15 ton/square meter. If it is a column installation, the column is estimated at 0.4 ton/meter and the double column is to be doubled.
Fourth, external decoration project cost
The cost composition of outdoor LED display exterior decoration projects includes: decoration materials, decoration labor, and auxiliary materials. The quotation for decorative materials and auxiliary materials is quoted in terms of area, that is, yuan/square meter, and decorated artificially is quoted in days, ie yuan/day. The general valuation can be unified for the area of ​​the decorative materials, ie yuan/square meter. Aluminum-plastic plate decoration is generally 450-650 yuan / square meter. The LED display is like a hexahedron, as long as all its surface area is calculated minus the display area is the decorative area, plus 15% of the processing loss is the final area.
The above is an outdoor LED display project budget report that Xiaobian made for everyone today. The price of various materials given is based on the current local price as a reference. When doing a detailed report on the budget, please pay close attention to the local market price trends. It is advisable to consult relevant professional design institutes to determine for you.

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