Recovery concept and calculation method

Mineral recovery is the percentage of the number of metal concentrate or a metal ore with a number of components or the number of useful components. This is an important beneficiation indicator that reflects the degree of metal recovery, the level of mineral processing technology and the quality of the beneficiation work during the beneficiation process. The ore dressing process should improve the beneficiation recovery rate as much as possible under the premise of ensuring quality. Its calculation method is as follows:

In the production of the concentrator, each production class shall sample and test the ore grade, concentrate grade and tailing grade. The theoretical recovery can be calculated using these three grades.
The mineral processing technical supervision department generally prepares the actual metal balance table through the calculation of the actual recovery rate. The theoretical metal balance table is compiled by the calculation of the theoretical recovery rate. The comparative analysis of the two can reveal the mechanical loss of the beneficiation process, identify the abnormal conditions in the beneficiation process, and the errors in measurement, sampling, testing and measurement. Generally, the theoretical recovery rate is higher than the actual recovery rate, but the difference between the two cannot be too large. Generally, the difference in single metal ore dressing plants is not allowed to exceed 1%. If the value exceeds this value, the metal loss of the ore dressing plant is serious, and the cause should be ascertained as soon as possible. Resolve in time.

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