Shaanxi implements strictest supervision on ammonia-related refrigeration companies

In order to ensure the safety of ammonia-related refrigeration companies, Shaanxi Province will carry out special rectification of liquid ammonia use in ammonia-related refrigeration companies and will be completed by the end of December. Any ammonia-related refrigeration company that has five conditions will be banned and shut down according to law. Any ammonia-related refrigeration company that does not meet seven requirements will be immediately ordered to stop production for rectification.

All ammonia-related refrigeration companies that existed in five cases were all banned and shut down according to law: related licenses were incomplete; production was suspended without rectification and inspections were carried out without authorization; and the distance from residential areas and other densely populated areas did not meet the requirements of the Cold Storage Design Code; Major safety hazards that cannot be corrected; do not have the basic conditions for safe production.

Any ammonia-related refrigeration company that fails to meet the seven requirements shall be immediately ordered to suspend production for rectification, and the production and operation shall be completed only after acceptance by the relevant industry management department in accordance with the division of duties. Cold storage and refrigeration systems shall be equipped with cold storage engineering design and pressure pipeline design qualifications. The design of the design unit; packing room, partitions, product finishing rooms and other personnel more production sites air conditioning system is strictly prohibited the use of ammonia direct evaporation refrigeration system; liquid ammonia pipeline is strictly prohibited through the staff office, rest and residence buildings; ammonia refrigeration room Ammonia gas concentration detection and alarm equipment shall be installed at important positions such as ammonia storage, and shall be automatically linked with the accident exhaust fan; pressure vessels and pressure pipelines shall have “special equipment use registration certificate” and shall be within the valid period of regular inspection; safety accessories Within the validity period, the fire hydrant should be set outside the door of the reservoir area and the ammonia refrigerating machine room and equipment (close to the ammonia storage place) in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the emergency passage should be kept unblocked; the cold storage that constitutes a major source of danger should be registered and regularly monitored. , evaluation, monitoring, etc.

Any ammonia-related refrigeration company that fails to comply with the following requirements shall be rectified immediately and shall be completed within a time limit: a water spray system shall be installed above the ammonia storage in the ammonia refrigerating machine room; a wind vane shall be provided in a conspicuous position in the plant area; pressure vessels and non-professional operators shall be exempted from Safety signs shall be set for entering areas and key operating positions; personnel engaged in the safety management of special equipment and the operation and maintenance of pressure vessels and pressure pipelines shall have safety management for pressure vessels of boiler pressure vessels, operation of fixed pressure vessels, and inspection and maintenance of pressure pipelines. The “special equipment operator certificate” of the project; air respirator, rubber gloves and other protective equipment and emergency medicines shall be provided on the job site; the company shall establish and improve the relevant safety management system and safety operation procedures for liquid ammonia use; involving liquid ammonia refrigeration The special operations personnel shall obtain the relevant special operation operation certificate and hold the certificate; the employees of the enterprise shall be trained in the use of liquid ammonia and relevant safety knowledge such as emergency disposal; the enterprise shall establish and perfect the emergency rescue plan for accidents such as leakage of liquid ammonia. And regularly organize drills; enterprises should establish equipment management files And properly preserved.

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