Shandong Taian 100 LNG buses will be on duty soon

The reporter learned from the Taian City Bus Company in Shandong on December 9 that the newly purchased 100 LNG vehicles have safely arrived in Taian and are currently undergoing inspection, maintenance and commissioning of the vehicles before they are put into operation. The buses will be put into operation recently.

It is understood that the 100 new vehicles introduced this time are clean energy air-conditioned vehicles that are liquefied natural gas fueled at one step. The new vehicle adopts a new state-of-the-art 5-emission engine, and the on-board system and facility configuration are more comprehensive and detailed. All GPS and 3G video systems have been added. ATS automatic temperature control, CAN bus, front and rear disc brakes, and automatic adjustment arm have been used. New technologies such as LED luminous street signs have ensured the safety and comfort of the vehicles, and the energy-saving and environmental protection of the National V emission engine can improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce pollutant emissions, making the company's energy conservation and emission reduction work a new level.

After the new car “goes on duty”, the Taian City Bus Company’s LNG clean energy bus will reach 462 vehicles, accounting for 60% of the operating vehicles. It plays an important role in improving the conditions for passengers to use the bus, ease travel pressures, and promote the construction of a bus system that is safe, convenient, economical, environmentally friendly, and of good quality.

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