Simtronics' new gas detector passed SIL 2/3 certification

Recently, Simtronics is pleased to announce that the GD10P and GD10PE infrared gas detectors are now SIL2 and SIL3 certified.

The detector of the GD10P series is equipped with a point-type infrared combustible gas transmission that can send 4-20mA analog signals. It has a long service life and low maintenance costs.

Simtronics' GD10P detector has become the flammable gas detection reference for offshore installations. It sets standards for gas detectors in terms of safety, stability and low maintenance costs. The transmission of the GD10P detector has a 5-year warranty, and IRSource has a 15-year warranty. GD10P can respond effectively to the gas dangers detected in various industrial environments (from boiler room to offshore petrochemical plant).

This type of infrared gas detector uses a silicon-based solid-state infrared source, making it different from all other models. Its perfect optical design and structure are very stable and can respond quickly within 2 seconds. At the same time, it has unparalleled service life and detection stability, but also saves maintenance and service costs.

Simtronics offers the longest warranty period for detectors and infrared sources on the market.

In terms of applications, Simtronics has made some improvements. The existing bridge interface allows existing detectors to be connected directly to the catalytic system using existing cable connections and control modules.

The detector has world-class performance and has been approved for hazardous areas.

The industrial-grade standard HART® interface can be used for the configuration of optical fast response times and special fault levels and for obtaining extended maintenance data.

The TÃœV Rheinland Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 certification covers both the single transmission and the SIL 3 certification for multiple transmission installations.

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