Singapore's Wanguo Project received orders for 8 fully enclosed lifeboats and 2 rescue boats

In the second quarter of this year, Vanguard Composite Engineering Pte Ltd has successfully signed several contracts with Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to provide a series of fully enclosed lifeboats and rescue boats. The total order includes 8 fully enclosed lifeboats and 2 rescue boats.
Singapore's Wanguo Project received orders for 8 fully enclosed lifeboats and 2 rescue boats
It is reported that the new construction of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry includes the construction of four 5,800-ton deck transport vessels and two 48,000-ton floating cranes. Under the contract, each deck carrier, IWC will be allocated two 5.7m fully enclosed lifeboats and davit systems; and each floating crane is assigned to a rescue boat and davit system. All products are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2018.
With unremitting efforts to improve the quality of its products, the lifeboat manufacturer of the country has successfully established a certain reputation in China.
Alastair J. Bisset, CEO of IWC, said: "Since the last cooperation project with Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry in 2012, after so many years, we are very grateful and excited to be again invited by Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry to participate in this project. Through this cooperation, it is proved While Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has affirmed our service plan, it also laid a good foundation for cooperation between the two parties. We hope to provide better product quality and better service for the broad masses of customers in the future."

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