Sizheng: How to choose the right monitoring pickup in different places

With the development of audio monitoring technology and advances in pickup technology, there are now more and more widely used monitoring pickups, but many users are still confused about what kinds of pickups they should choose for different venues. Then let Guangzhou Sizheng tell everyone what The location should choose what kind of pickup.

1. Bank window/ban window/counter Many of the bank's ban windows are now equipped with bulletproof glass for security purposes. To facilitate communication, it is necessary to install monitoring microphones as communication media at the window. The relationship between the location, the distance between the window and the window is relatively close, and the audio monitoring process always needs to use the recording, so many unnecessary sounds are obviously not picking objects, such as the dialogue at the counter next door. Therefore, as a window-type monitoring pickup can choose directional pickups, directional pickups can clearly pick up a certain range of sound, such as Sizheng COTT-C1 window pickups, COTT-S1 window digital pickups and so on.

2. The indoor/meeting room/office interior, conference room, office, etc. are relatively quiet places relative to other places. In addition to clearly listening to everyone’s voices, the place’s requirements for monitoring pickups must be clearly understood. Therefore, high-fidelity pickups can be selected in the conference room, such as the COTT-C7 high-fidelity pickups such as Sizheng, COTT-C8 native-grade pickups, and COTT-S2 highly sensitive pickups. According to the above, if the space is large, like hundreds of square meters Space, the environment is more complex, more noise, you can choose Sizhen MX-K10 digital noise reduction pickups, MX-K30 dual-core digital acoustic pickups, MX-K40 dual-core digital noise reduction pickups.

3. The place where prisoners are held in prison/detention is a more serious place. The ordinary pickups can not satisfy such places. In addition to the necessary fidelity, riot protection and tamper are also very important, so that they can be picked up better. Monitor the sound within range. The normal work of the pickups is very important, because the prisoners are special people, so the above functions are very important. Places like this can choose Sizheng's COTT-C4 riot pickups and SIZ-180 UFO riot pickups.

4. There are desks in many places such as desks/desk interiors, conference rooms, offices, etc. In addition to ceiling and wall mounting, pickups can also be placed directly on the desktop, eliminating the hassle of installation. Some pickups also have USB plugs. Such as such a situation can choose Sizheng COTT-S4 interface digital pickups, if you need to install invisible, then you can choose Sizheng C0TT-C2 embedded pickups, SIZ-pinhole pickups.

5. When outdoor/outdoor is installed outdoor or outdoors, the first consideration is whether it can be waterproof, sunscreen, moisture, etc. What do you do in heavy fog weather and how do it rain? In such cases, you can choose Sizheng MX-K20 digital waterproof pickups, COTT-S8 bolted waterproof pickups and so on.

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