Small bathroom is also a crisis

At present, most bathtubs are designed for ordinary people and neglect the old people.
The bathroom is a minefield where people live in danger. In addition to the common slipping fractures, there are also fluctuations in blood pressure caused by temperature differences between hot and cold, causing physical discomfort. To create a safe bathing environment for the elderly, medical companies have launched "open-door safety bathtubs" that can reduce the risk of falling due to unstable center of gravity across the bathtub and make the bathing environment safer. Another patented door locks and waterproof side strips to prevent water leakage and leakage.
Generally, the height of a bathtub is about 45 cm. When you enter the bathtub, it must be lifted high on one foot. The balance of the elderly is poor, and it is easy to cause falls. The subcutaneous hemorrhage usually occurs, and the fracture is severe. The open-door safety bathtub is designed for opening the door. When you enter, you only need to open the side door, the threshold is only 13cm, and there is a non-slip design at the bottom, which can reduce the risk of tripping and sliding when entering and leaving the bathtub. Even if it is inconvenient for people with mobility, as long as the sitting position is stable, Wheelchair can be pushed to the door and horizontally shifted into the bathtub. In addition, the bathtub adopts a seat-type design to reduce the burden on the legs when the user gets up.
The door-opening safety bathtub allows the faucet and the shower head to synchronise the water. After the user enters the bathtub, they can release water while showering the body. The body can gradually adapt to the temperature before the bath, which can reduce the burden on the heart and blood vessels and keep it warm. Enjoy bath benefits such as blood circulation.
In addition, the door opener adopts a patented safety design, and it is necessary to press the unlocked control to open the door before the door is opened, so as to prevent the user from inadvertently pulling the handle to cause water leakage; and there is a special waterproof edge strip that will not leak water. In addition to the simple model, there is a choice of bubble and thermostatic water cylinders. The bubble cylinder can create bubbles. It is effective. The heated water cylinder can not only produce water column skin, but also maintain the water temperature for a certain period of time.

Peugeot silicone key cover

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Silicone control car key cover has the good functions of Anti-static, anti-dust, but also the effect of Antibacterial.our factory has a professional worker to control the machine which is produce the product, the produce show is :1:prepare the real material 2:mix the material and the color material  3:cut them up for one Peugeot silicone key cover that need the material. 4:vulcanizing them to become the car key cover shape ,5:cut off the extra silicone ,6:Wiping oil the key button ,7 :spray the oil to make the case touch is smooth ,8 :roast it to dry,9: check the product ,10 :packing the goods.

Our products have two process, one is debossed. it is an artificially dripping white paint into the groove. And the whole surface of the product is treated with smoothness. One another is embossed, and the whole surface of the product is treated with smoothness, making the touch better, more smooth and beautiful. If using this process, the cost will be a little higher.This kind of Peugeot206, Peugeot207, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 408, Peugeot508 etc if you want to know more car models, please click back to home, thanks.

Peugeot Silicone Key Cover

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