Small-displacement diesel engine: Foton Cummins, Euro-Yide duo divided into the world?

How to make the car more fuel-efficient on the basis of ensuring power and taking into account environmental protection? Under the situation that the fuel consumption PK of 100 kilometers has been continuously increasing, various solutions have emerged in China and have come close to one another. If the Chinese medium and heavy-duty diesel engines in 2007 were to behave frequently, then from the second half of 2008, investment in small-displacement diesel engines began to heat up, and the competition was extravagant.

Foton Cummins: Lightwood First Note

In this regard, Foton Cummins walks ahead. Three years ago, around 2006, high-efficiency diesel engines and diesel engines were very hot in China. However, with various controversies, especially the restrictions on the use environment of China's gasoline and diesel, and the subsequent passion of new energy vehicles, the real There are not many companies that have retired and networked, and Foton Cummins is one of the few companies that have achieved realism.

On September 16, 2005, the day when Xi'an Cummins co-signed, Wang Jinyu, the general manager of Foton Motors, has taken Futian Power's team and began to search for power in the world for more than six months. In October 2006, one year later, Fukuda welcomed Cummins , the bride of choice.

For both partners, the cooperation is called the Century in China - more than 2.7 billion yuan investment, and the final 400,000 units of production capacity, 2.8L, 3.8L Euro IV light-duty diesel engine with European V potential, everything is extremely shocking and It stimulated the nerves of China's hard-won engine companies that passed the Euro III threshold. Before and after 2006, among the Chinese diesel engine companies, there were few companies that had annual sales of more than 100,000 units. No domestic diesel engine company produced or sold more than 400,000 units, and even Yuchai, the diesel engine production and marketing champion, had only exceeded 360,000 units in that year, even by 2008. There is also only one Yuchai diesel engine with more than 40 domestic diesel engines.

The hands of Futian and Cummins caused great repercussions at that time and even in the world. It was the largest investment project of light diesel engines in China at that time. If Foton Cummins can achieve the mass production target of 400,000 units, then in the future, it will be the 11th in the domestic diesel engine market in 2007 to leap into the top three and light diesel championships.

However, there are always competitors who wish to break the dream of Cummings.

Ou Yide: Infighting and another shot

Compared with the sparkling aura of Fukuda, the speed of many domestic car companies is overshadowed. Huatai Automobile Group, which is also located in the capital, is no exception. It has developed rapidly in recent years. Huatai Santa Fe was once in the SUV in 2008. Leading the show is one of the hegemons of China's SUV market in recent years.

Like Foton Motors, Huatai is also very optimistic about light diesel engines, but Huatai is targeting passenger cars. As early as three years ago in 2006, it began to plan this large layout - the Inner Mongolia Power Group in Italy. In 2006, the Inner Mongolia Ouyide Engine Co., Ltd., located in Dongsheng Kangbashi New District, Erdos City, covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 mu and has a building area of ​​60,000 square meters. Through the use of international resources and the integration of advanced technologies from the world, Euro-Idead has introduced and developed the diesel engine technology from Italian VM to Euro IV and Euro V emissions. The production includes four models of 1.5L, 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.8L. With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the company will have an annual production capacity of 300,000 units and a final production capacity of 1 million units.

In terms of investment scale , Euro-Italy invested 5 billion yuan to create the highest record of domestic single-engined project investment. From the technical level, the four models produced by Euro-Italy meet Euro IV and Euro V emissions. It is one of the few domestic products with the highest diesel engine emission level; from the perspective of production lines and production equipment, Euro-Idea has a total of 1200 sets of various equipment, among which 11 countries including Italy, Germany, Japan, and the United States have been purchased. The production line equipment currently possesses five engine parts machining production lines, two engine assembly production lines, one engine hot test line, one transmission assembly line, and one transmission machining line. The degree of automation is as high as 97%.

Not only that, Euro-Italy introduced advanced engine technology while introducing engine technology. The production capacity is basically the same as that of the engine. Its automatic transmission assembly line has all introduced the world renowned transmission expert German ZF company, a total of 35 sets of equipment, a high degree of automation, production beat faster.

Compared with the high-profile of Foton Cummins , the European-Italian move was not widely known until the Shanghai Auto Show 2009 with the "Euro V" emission standard full range of 1.5L ~ 3.0L engine exhibitors.

Sustainable Development > "Green"

Due to the restrictions imposed by the ratio of gasoline and diesel in China, none of the Chinese automobile companies dare to develop diesel cars as aggressively as in Europe. Diesel engines were mostly used in light commercial vehicles and SUV models at that time; many Chinese diesel engine companies did not dare to expand too much at the time. Capacity, despite being optimistic about diesel efficiency. Under the rigid constraints of China's gasoline-fired diesel ratio, why did Foton Cummins and Euro-Italy invest so much in small-displacement diesel engines?

From 2006 to 2008, the dieselization of passenger cars was once in a high demand in the domestic industry. However, one of the initiators of this movement was Europe's advanced diesel engine and technology service providers who once suffered a setback in confidence. Although it has done a lot of work, even during the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, many foreign car companies and parts and components companies abandoned their collective “cry”, but with little success. China always maintains a high degree of caution for diesel cars, especially in the face of the historical opportunity of the “turning overtaking” of China’s auto industry – electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles, diesel engines are much less attractive to China’s temptation. .

At the 2008 International Symposium on Advanced Diesel Engine Technology hosted by CAE-CHINA, many experts at home and abroad highly agreed that diesel engines are a good combination of performance improvement and environmental protection. For example, turbocharged diesel engines can achieve 35% fuel savings for bicycles. And the torque increases by about 50%. For China, a large consumer of automobiles with an annual output of 10 million cars (two-thirds of passenger cars), advanced diesel engine technology means that if 50% of China’s automobiles are dieselized, China will save 4.3 million tons of fuel every year. Reducing 520 tons of CO2 emissions; and for Chinese owners who are sitting on a rising oil price, the use of diesel cars means a cost savings of about 600 yuan per metric ton (compared to gasoline).

"The ratio of the country's macroeconomic regulation and control of resources is not an absolute bottleneck. Biodiesel is a very good alternative to conventional diesel. It is expected that in the future, China's diesel production will increase at an annual growth rate of 7%." Industry experts pointed out that "2007 The world's biodiesel production increased by 43% compared with 2006 (Data derived from EBB (2008)). In the future, China's biodiesel production is expected to grow rapidly with demand.

In the days when the passion for green power of the car continues to burn and continue, the Chinese automobile industry eventually agreed that: hydrogen energy vehicles and electric vehicles are too far away, and hybrid power is not yet mature. So, what kind of green power is the driving force for China's autos in the next 10 years?

The answer is an efficient gas and diesel engine, especially the latter.

As a result, around the year of 2008, there was a domestic boom in diesel engines. Foreign advanced diesel engine companies and technical service providers tried their best to cooperate in China. The domestic diesel engine enterprises have vigorously expanded production and put into production while upgrading the technical level of diesel engines: Jiangling Motors put into production JX4D24 2.4L diesel engine omni-directional models in 2008; Great Wall Motors most SUVs are loaded with Great Wall 2.8L Euro III Intelligent Fuel Saving King; Yuchai, Geely and Zhejiang Yinlun’s joint venture launched a 2.0L diesel engine with a final capacity of 300,000 units; Changchai also launched a final 300,000 light diesel engine project; Changfeng Motor, Chery and SAIC have their own light-duty diesel programs (Changfeng Chery launched the car.)

Everything shows that light diesel engines are heating up under the cover of new energy sources worldwide. At the same time, the power structure of China's future diesel engines is also increasingly clear.

Pattern: Hutch?

Comparing factors such as investment scale, capacity planning and development model, in the field of small-displacement diesel engines, domestic Cummins Futian Cummins and Ou Yide are the largest competitors and collaborators.

The investment projects of Foton Cummins light diesel engine and Euro-Italian engine assembly project are the two largest projects in domestic engine assembly investment in recent years. The final production capacity of the two companies exceeds 400,000 units (Ultra-Europe's final production capacity has even reached an astonishing 1 million units). Unlike Foton Cummins, in addition to the engine, Eurochard also has an automatic transmission that is almost matched with the engine.

Both Euro-Italy and Foton Cummins are relying on vehicle companies behind them, and they can get strong support from the local government. Euro-Europe is backed by Huatai Motors, and its production of passenger car diesel engine Huatai Santa Fe is widely favored by consumers, once led the market; Futian Cummins backed by the legendary company Foton Motors, the powerful Futian Automobile is easier to internal digestion than Huatai Automobile Engine assembly. However, from the corporate name point of view, Euro-Yide's strategy is more focused on taking third-party routes (and Huatai brand in addition to the operation), the product is not limited to supporting Huatai Automobile itself, its goal is to provide the entire industry with a full range of powertrain In this sense, Euro-Europe is more likely to gain the favor of vehicle companies.

Eurotech and Foton Cummins have their technical routes from Europe (Italy VM) and the United States (Cummins). The diesel rate of European autos has exceeded 50%, and the dieselization rate in the North American Free Trade Area has not yet exceeded 10%. From the point of view of the accumulation of diesel engine technology, Europe needs to be deeper. The Foton Cummins 2.8L and 3.8L light diesel engines have reached Euro IV and have Euro V potential, while the Euro-Italian 1.5 to 3.0 litre clean fuelled diesel engines have all basically reached Euro IV and Euro V. From the emission point of view, the Euro-Italian engine should be omitted. Winning.

Judging from the market competition, the competition between Euro-Ideland and Foton Cummins is not large. The overlapped product range between the two parties is only 2.8L. Euro-Italy focuses on chambray, while Foton Cummins focuses on light-duty commercial vehicles. The two parties, like their collaborators, have outnumbered their rivals to share the power market for cars and light commercial vehicles in the light diesel segment.

Interestingly, both Euro-Ideland and Foton Cummins have introduced advanced foreign technologies, production and management methods, and they all have the cost advantage of localized production, especially in Europe and Italy, which are located in Inner Mongolia, and can all be from behind the entire vehicle company. To obtain support, they can all obtain policies and support from the local government, especially the Euro-Italy, which plays an important role in adjusting the industrial structure in Inner Mongolia. Compared with other domestic diesel engine diesel engine assembly projects, Foton Cummins and Huatai Ouyide not only provide support for themselves, but also serve as supporting third-party suppliers for the whole country and even the world's entire vehicle companies, and are more open.

However, a number of domestic independent diesel engine companies, such as Yuchai, Yunnei, and Changchai, have already had the first-mover advantage. Although there is no production capacity for Futian Cummins and Euro-Italy, it is difficult to implement internal support, but its accumulation can not be ignored. In particular, their current domestic market matching relationship cannot be easily shaken by Futian Cummins and Eurochard.

Can Foton Cummins and Eugenie's Overbearing Plan Ultimately Realize? The current situation can only lament - the prospects are beautiful, the road is tortuous!

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