Stamping Punching Auto Car Vehicle Parts Accessories Fittings Mountings Sx301

Model NO.: SX301
Size: D15*87mm
Lifting Capacity: 2t
Update Method: by Internet
Surface Treatment: Nickel Plating
Trademark: SX
Transport Package: 16PCS/PE Bag/ Carton
Specification: D15*87MM
Origin: Dongguan, China

Stamping Punching Auto Car Vehicle Parts Accessories Fittings Mountings Sx301
This CNC-machined steel adapter spade kit allows you to attach your alignment heads to hard-to-fit small edge rims and keep from scratching them. This of 16 pieces will fit all 4 wheel clamps/adaptors. These will snap onto any of the modern rounded clamp stud/feet.

Keep from Scratching or Marring Expensive Rims
Allows for Easier Mounting of Small Lip Rims
Much less Expensive Than Buying New Wheel Adapters for Your Alignment Rack
Easy to Use, Snaps on to Existing Feet
Can be Used on Slide Type, Screw Type, Self Centering  Wheel Clamps.

Dongguan Shengxin Metal Manufacturing Co.Ltd is a Company who specialize in design, manufacture and sale auto maintenance machine parts. We insist on "high quality, honest, co-operation, innovation, improvement" management concept. We are concentrating on technology improving and production efficiency.
At the early days of Company establishment, our main business referred to metal stamping, deep drawing and precision machining, such as chassis stamping, machine stamping, car parts stamping, LED radiator stamping and streetlight radiator stamping. Since year 2007, we steadily step into professional auto maintenance parts area, products range enlarge to wheel alignment clamp, wheel alignment aligner adaptor adapter, wheel aligner, wheel alignment  turntable,  wheel alignment turnplate, car steering wheel holder support, car brake disk holder support, electrical power-driven parts, mechanism parts, suction nozzle, and so on.

We are imitated by many, but surpassed by none! We keep creating our own brand and products patent.  Fortunately, we have already obtained one patent for clamp set stud successfully. Whatever product design concept, quality and production efficiency, we have already in the leading level in our fields.
Our advantages: Professional stamping mold making + reliable quality + best price + best service + on time delivery + excellent after-sales service

Our target: To start with me, keep a foothold on Shenzhen& Dongguan, and get into all over the world--We are your best high quality supplier who can help you to create the biggest company value.


Vision Localization/CCD Series

UTECH Vision Localization/CCD Series include Laser Machine with CCD, Cnc Router With CCD, Laser plotter with CCD, Oscillating Knife Cutter With CCD, etc.

Visual inspection is widely used in industrial manufacturing product assembly and quality inspection. According to customer needs, the whole package generally includes the following parts:
A. Camera (take picture) selection According to customer needs, choose different models of camera
B. Lens (with camera) select different focal lengths according to product size and object distance
C. Light source (the part that needs to be detected when the light is filled and illuminated)
D. Software (analytical program)
E. Industrial computer (running detection software and input and output)
F. Output part (IO control card, serial port, network port)

Performance characteristics:

  • Support for custom AOI, lower resolution to increase frame rate.
  • Gain, exposure time and white balance programmable settings.
  • Three working modes: continuous acquisition / soft trigger acquisition / external trigger acquisition.
  • Support for exposure completion event notification.
  • Output flash sync signal for precise synchronization of exposure and fill light.
  • Support adjustment of packet length and packet interval, optimize multi-machine simultaneous acquisition and transmission.
  • Support for lookup table, parameter group function.
  • Provide color correction to improve the color reproduction of captured images.
  • Rugged all-metal housing and cable locking device.
  • Support single cable transmission up to 100 meters.
  • Supports GENICAM and GIGE VISION for direct connection to third-party software such as HALCON and LABVIEW.

laser engraving machine with CCD camera

laser cutting machine with CCD camera

oscillating knife cutter with Visual positioning system

cnc router with CCD camera

laser plotter with positioning system

Vision Localization/CCD Series

Vision Localization,Vision CNC Digital Cutting System,Vision CCd,Vision Camera

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