Stronger workers are stronger in manufacturing and stronger in China.

Mr. Liang Qichao once said that if young people are strong, then China is stronger! Today Xiao Bian wants to say that if the manufacturing industry is strong, China will be stronger! Industry is the foundation of the country, the industry is prosperous, and the industry is strong, while the equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of a country's industry.

Since 2008, the virtual economy has been hit hard by the financial crisis and many countries have begun to attach importance to the development of the real economy. Return to industry has become the common choice of developed economies in Europe and America. Since the beginning of the new century, the real economy in countries around the world has grown vigorously, but China's manufacturing industry has not risen with the trend, but has gradually shrunk. Apart from the pains and troubles of our industrial upgrading, the biggest reason is related to the low quality of our workers.

For a long time in the past, our GDP was built up by cheap labor. The so-called "world factory" is actually only a "factory factory" with low-tech content and labor-intensive. People working in these foundries do not have any social security. They are engaged in simple waterworks and earn a meager salary. Since the factory is a factory of others, the business is not related to the workers. They do not have the hero's dignity and pride here. They also lack sense of responsibility and sense of mission. They have no skills, no skills, no success, not to mention the development of the company. Give advice.

Across the European and American countries, their manufacturing industry is unique because they have a high-level workforce. If the workers are strong, the manufacturing industry will be strong. Now that the transformation and upgrading of our industrial structure are imminent, we must have a high-level industrial team if we want to highlight the importance of encirclement and global development. In this regard, we must attach importance to the protection and training of workers.

1, must pay the workers a reasonable salary

In the past, corporate profits have largely benefited from the “labor dividend” formed by the cheap labor market. Now the “demographic dividend” is gradually disappearing. If the old model is used, it is undoubtedly to fish out. If an enterprise wants to retain its talents, it must pay reasonable compensation to workers in order to cultivate a group of loyal employees.

2. The social security of workers must be improved

In the course of production and life, workers will inevitably encounter unexpected injuries and deaths and illnesses. Responsible companies should not hesitate to pay various social insurance benefits for employees and relieve them of their worries. This is not only responsible for the workers but also for the company. Only in this way can workers fully devote themselves to production.

3, must strengthen the vocational training of workers

Vocational training is a must to cultivate high-skilled workers. Why the German manufacturing industry leads the world is because they have perfect vocational and technical training. Only when the company is willing to cultivate its own workers will it be qualified for its own use. In addition, social progress, technological development, and continuous professional training are also necessary inputs for the progress of the company.

4. Workers must improve their production and living conditions

Poor and simple production and living environment, although it can reduce production costs, but the physical and mental health of practitioners is a great harm. This bad working environment will sooner or later be discarded by practitioners. For the health of workers and for the stability of the workforce, companies must consciously improve their production and living conditions.

5. Encourage private companies to conduct joint-stock reforms

If a company belongs to one or a few people, workers will be indifferent to its operations. If it has its own share of the workers, the fate of the company will be closely related to everyone, and the workers will mobilize great enthusiasm, provide advice and suggestions for enterprises, and solve problems. Therefore, it is a win-win choice for companies to make shares in workers.

6. Establish a clear reward system

Science and technology are productivity. A good technological innovation or invention will bring huge economic benefits to the company. In order to encourage innovation, companies must reward meritorious personnel. In this way, the enthusiasm of workers for inventions and creations can be mobilized, bringing infinite power to the development of enterprises.

The wisdom of our workers does not lag behind other countries, giving them a leverage. They can also shake the earth.

As long as we are kind to the workers, provide them with a good life guarantee and provide them with an excellent production stage, they will certainly be able to create world-class products. When our manufacturing industry dominates the world, our national economy will enter a benign development track. The realization of the Chinese dream is just around the corner.

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