Su Chuan analyzes maintenance and installation precautions of electromagnetic flowmeters

1. Daily maintenance Periodically inspect the meter for inspection, check the surrounding environment of the meter, sweep the dust, ensure that there is no water and other substances, check the Wiring is not good, check whether there is a new strong electromagnetic field equipment near the meter or Newly installed wires across the meter. If it is the measuring medium, it is easy to contaminate the electrode or to precipitate or foul in the wall of the measuring tube, and it should be regularly cleaned and cleaned.
2. Fault finding After the meter has been put into operation or is normally put into operation for a while, it is found that the meter is not working properly. It should first check the external conditions of the meter, such as whether the power supply is good, whether the pipeline is leaking or is not in a full-pipe state, or inside the pipeline. Whether there is a bubble, the signal cable is damaged, or the converter output signal (that is, the rear instrument input circuit) is open. Remember to blindly remove the flowmeter.
3, sensor inspection test equipment: 500MΩ insulation resistance tester, a multimeter.
Test steps:
(1) In the case where the pipe is filled with a medium, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value between terminals A, B, and C. The resistance between AC and BC should be large enough to be equal. If the difference is more than 1 time, there may be leakage of the electrode, measurement of the outer wall of the tube or condensation water absorption inside the junction box.
(2) In the case of lining drying, the insulation resistance between AC and BC should be measured with MΩ (should be greater than 200MΩ). Then use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the two terminals in the terminals A, B and the measuring tube (should be short-circuit connected). If the insulation resistance is very small, indicating electrode leakage, the entire flowmeter should be returned to the factory for repair. If the insulation is reduced but there is still more than 50 MΩ and the test result of step (1) is normal, the outer wall of the measuring tube may be damp, and the interior of the housing may be dried with a hot air blower.
(3) Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between X and Y. If the resistance exceeds 200 Ω, the excitation coil and its lead wire may be open or poorly connected. Remove the terminal board check.
(4) Check that the insulation resistance between X, Y and C should be more than 200 MΩ. If there is a decrease, use a hot air to dry the inside of the housing. In actual operation, a decrease in the insulation of the coil results in an increase in the measurement error and an unstable signal output from the meter.
(5) If it is determined that the sensor is faulty, please contact with the electromagnetic flowmeter, which is generally not available on site and needs to be repaired.
4. Converter check If it is determined that the converter is faulty, and after checking the external cause, it is not a problem. Please contact with the electromagnetic flowmeter. Generally, the circuit board will be replaced.
1, try to avoid ferromagnetic objects and equipment with a strong electromagnetic field, so as not to affect the magnetic field of the sensor will have a flow signal.
2, should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, to avoid the sun and rain, the ambient temperature should be -20 ~ +60 °C, relative humidity is less than 85%.
3. There should be plenty of space around the flowmeter for easy installation and maintenance.
Installation requirements:
The measurement principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow-independent characteristic. If there is a certain turbulence and eddy in the pipeline inside the non-measurement area (such as elbow, tangential flow restriction, or a half-open stop valve upstream), then Measurement is irrelevant. If steady-state eddy currents in the measurement area affect the stability of the measurement and the accuracy of the measurement, some measures should be taken to stabilize the flow velocity distribution:
a, increase the length of the straight pipe before and after;
b. A flow stabilizer is used;
c. Reduce a section of the measuring point.
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