Tanker household registration procedures and requirements

Tanker household registration procedures and requirements

Recently, the accidents caused by hazardous chemicals have become more frequent. The state's transportation management requirements for hazardous chemicals have also become more stringent. The following small series will provide you with detailed answers to the specific requirements for hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles and tanker trucks.

Family registration procedures:

1, motor vehicle invoices, 2, vehicle certification, 3, tank testing report, 4, affiliated unit certification, 5, linked units tax application form.

Mobile refueling vehicle ownership procedures:

1, vehicle purchase tax vehicle invoices include 10% of the price, 2, insurance, third party, strong insurance, vehicle damage, etc., 3, vehicle and boat use tax, 4, GPS installation and use fees, 5, linked to the unit's deposit affiliation fees , 6, related procedures fee, 7, other costs

The cost of tanker car affiliation to the household:

1, vehicle purchase tax, 2, related to the household fee, 3, insurance (trafficking insurance, commercial insurance, carrier liability insurance), 4, vehicle and boat use tax, 5, GPS installation and use fees, 6, management fees, 7 , Affix fees and risk deposits, 8, Dangerous goods labeling fees, 9, Operating license fees, 10, Other costs Tanker vehicles need to apply for a dangerous goods transport vehicle operation certificate.

According to Article 8 of the “Regulations on the Administration of Road Dangerous Goods Transportation”, the following documents shall be provided: 1. Two original copies of the road transportation permit application form; 2. Two copies of the original copy of the vehicle transportation permit or registration certificate; and 3. Two copies of the original GPS installation certificate. 4. Two copies of the original qualification of the employee qualification certificate (driver and escort qualification certificate), and 5 copies of the carrier liability insurance (provide on-car cargo liability insurance policy), and 6, the effective employee safety responsibility certificate (driving , escorts) Two originals. 7. One original copy of the vehicle maintenance contract (must be a type of maintenance company). 8. The tank vehicle in the dangerous goods vehicle must provide a valid and valid tank inspection report. Copies, 9, three copies of the original photo of the vehicle (size 9.0 × 6.2cm, color, 45-degree angle shot).

Dangerous product driver requirements:

(1) obtaining the corresponding motor vehicle driving license;

(B) The age does not exceed 60 years of age;

(3) No serious accidents with traffic accidents within 3 years;

(4) Obtaining the qualifications of the driver of passenger transportation or cargo transportation for operating roads for more than 2 years;

(5) to receive training in relevant laws and regulations, safety knowledge, professional technology, occupational health protection and emergency rescue knowledge, to understand the nature of dangerous goods, hazard characteristics, characteristics of use of packaging containers, and emergency measures in case of accidents;

(6) After passing the examination, obtain corresponding professional qualification certificates. You may also be required to provide relevant proof of the company to be hired. Local requirements are different.

Gutter Downspout Roll Forming Machine


Gutter Downspout Roll Forming Machine is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on steel sheet. It adopts coiling steel sheet as the raw material, decoiling the coil, continuous rolling and cold-forming, automatically cut to the size and output the finished panel. The equipment adopts PLC control, AC frequency and adjusting the speed technology, and it realizes the continuous automatically production, therefore, it is really a new type of energy-saving and high-effective producing equipment for steel structure.


Main parameters of  rain water gutter roll forming machine

Suitable to process: Color steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum coils,etc.

Width of the feeding material:According to the profile.

Rollers station: 18 rows.

Thickness of feeding material:0.3-0.8mm



Productivity: 8-12m/min

Diameter of shaft: 60mm

Weight: About 4.8 Tons

Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3phases

Roller material:Carbon Steel 45#

Material of the cutting : Cr12

Wall thickness of main forming machine: 16mm steel plate

Main frame of the machine:300 H steel


Components of line

1.Decoiler                   1 unit

2.Roll Forming System       1 unit

3.Cutting Device               1 unit

4.Hydraulic Station            1 unit

5.PLC control system         1 unit


 Working Flow:

Loading coil – decoiling – guide feeding – main roll forming – PLC system - hydrarlic cutting – finished products

Working Flow

Gutter Downspout Roll Forming Machine

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