The advantages of LED advertising vehicles and various traditional advertising media!

LED advertising vehicles have the unparalleled advantages of traditional advertising.

A. Comparison with outdoor print ads

Regardless of the station signs, light boxes, bus body advertisements, etc., they all have two congenital disadvantages.

1. The limitations of a specific area. It is impossible for any advertiser to fill the entire city with advertising, because he must first consider the issue of cost efficiency. When he had to choose to advertise in A , he missed the promotion of B. As an audience, it is only when it is time to go to place A that it is possible to see the content of advertisements. This is especially true for time-sensitive advertisements that are more powerless. Such as real estate opening address and activities held during the period. As a developer, how should he let the people in the city understand this matter to the maximum extent possible? In this regard, LED advertising vehicles have shown its amazing superiority. Because of its flow characteristics, it can travel throughout the city in a short period of time to maximize the scope of communication. From a cost-benefit comparison, a shopping mall, assuming that it is to be filled with print ads in a prefecture-level city, requires at least 20 huge station billboards, but if it chooses LED advertising vehicles, it only needs one car. The overall cost of LED advertising vehicles is obviously much lower.

2. The degree of neglect of print ads. Because of the characteristics of print ads, it determines the extent to which it is ignored. It is not dynamic and there is no sound. People often turn a blind eye to it. We have investigated the market and found that one person often appears in A , and at least five or more times before he can fully see the billboard around him. More than nine times, it is possible to remember it, and whether it is updated, LED advertising is different, because it is in the form of three-dimensional animation. At the same time there are voices and scientific research has found that people are more likely to remember animations and sounds. This is why it is easy for people to remember a song, but it is not easy to remember a modern poem, or it is easy to remember a movie, but it is not easy to remember an article. The content of a print ad is like an article. It is difficult to try to remember it for a short time.

B. Contrast with existing LED outdoor advertising

Most of the existing LED outdoor advertising is stationary, and it is installed and fixed at a certain place. Its specific area limitations are the same as the previous description. Even if there is sound in a fixed area, in addition to regional limitations, the existing LED outdoor advertising is still facing a more and more severe situation: Because of the increasingly stringent review of outdoor advertising settings. Lots that are suitable for setting up are also scarce. In this form, LED advertising vehicles show its superiority. The large-scale video advertising vehicle can shuttle between the streets and busy streets of the city without the tedious approval procedures. It faces the audience in a highly concentrated area and forms a mandatory viewing effect.

C. Contrast with TV, newspaper and other advertisements

Although the two are different, they are still comparable. TV, newspapers and other media advertisements have certain time limitations. For example, a television commercial, which chooses to broadcast at eight o'clock in the evening, must be visible at eight o'clock as an audience. This probability is actually very small. Unless there is an advertisement broadcast throughout the day, it is possible to achieve the desired spread and dissemination.

LED advertising vehicles to a certain extent overcome this defect. Because of its fluidity, from probability analysis, the probability that it is seen by the public is more than seven times greater than the probability of television advertising. And LED advertising vehicles into the community, campus, enterprises and public institutions to promote the public, we have interactive games on this platform, so that the public in the entertainment, happiness to understand the business brand, compared to the traditional publicity model is in a fixed location The intensity of promotion is a passive promotion, and the effect is not good. Moreover, the transformation of locations consumes manpower and material resources. Our solutions make up for the insufficiency of this promotion method.

Features an intuitive:
Exquisite appearance, soft lines, directing the audience's eye.
Features two objective:
Not restricted by any region, it can be launched at any time, with a concentrated audience and strong pertinence.
Three characteristics are significant:
Low consumption, high yield, breaking the limitations of traditional media, creating a new industrial structure, civilian consumption is no longer a myth.

Features Four Media Advantages: (Traditional Media: Light Boxes, Printed Billboards, Dynamic Posters, Three Sides)

Quantitative advantages: Compared with traditional media, only one or a few customers can be placed, and media cars can accept multiple or even dozens of customers.
Cost advantage: The information is released quickly and quickly. Compared with traditional media, it reduces the cost and complexity of the replication process, and can be targeted to update content according to customer needs.
Investment Advantages: Media vehicles adopt medium-input LED , and the operating cost is far lower than the wall's large LED screen.
Innovative Advantages: Designers' artwork and distinctive appearance can be a beautiful landscape for urban development.
Advantages of delivery: Compared with traditional media, media vehicles are static and dynamic, and they are close to the audience. They have strong visual impact and the best delivery results.
Functional advantages: The media car accepts video signals and television signals and can be used as a platform for outdoor live broadcasts and live broadcasts.

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