·The first Internet Ecology Innovation Forum was held in Beijing

On December 21st, the first “Internet Eco-Innovation Forum” hosted by the Internet Ecology Institute and jointly hosted by Leshi Holdings Group was successfully held in Beijing. The forum invited dozens of top experts from the domestic economy, finance, finance, technology, automobile and other fields to discuss the emerging concept of "Internet ecology" and the economic form of the enterprise.
As the traditional automobile industry with the deepest integration with the Internet and the most need of Internet technology and platform in the traditional industry, it has become an important part of this forum.
Breaking the future of the border auto industry lies in cross-border cooperation LeTV, as the first company in the domestic Internet community to propose the concept of “ecology” and “ecosystem”, has become an important research model of this Internet eco-innovation forum. Scholars have conducted in-depth discussions and collisions on how to define the Internet ecology, the relationship between the Internet ecology and the development of international macro-strategies, and the value and significance of the Internet ecology to industries and enterprises. Among them, the development of the Internet and smart cars has become an important topic of discussion.
Wang Xia, president of the Automobile Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of Trade, said in his speech that electrification, intelligence and interconnection are the future direction of the automotive industry. The Internet is an important aspect. The pursuit of new technologies in the automotive industry has never stopped. Is it a traditional OEM or an Internet company? Who is engaged in the automotive business? Who is the automobile enterprise? The advantage of the Internet company lies in the integration of resources. In the future, the Internet company and the automobile industry must be highly integrated to create a new ecology. 2 effects.
LeTV was the first Internet company to propose a car. As one of the early executives of LeEco's "SEE Program", Lu Zhengyu, vice president of LeTV Supercar (China) Co., Ltd., believes that the global economy has always advocated a specialized division of labor, doing in a certain field. To the extreme, it has indeed produced such great global companies as Wal-Mart, General Motors, etc. But with the advent of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet era, we need a new business architecture and business model that breaks the boundaries both internally and externally. Connect a seemingly unrelated business with a main line, and then form a complete Internet ecosystem and open up to the outside world. For LeTV, the car as an important entry point of the mobile Internet is also a very important part of LeEco's ecology, and it is counterproductive to LeEco's other six major ecosystems; and eco-innovation is a comprehensive innovation from business model, product strategy and business philosophy. .
One of the highlights of the forum was Fu Zhenxing, deputy president of LeTV Supercar (China) Co., Ltd., which debuted. As an expert in the research and development of electric vehicles in China, Fu Zhenxing has unique insights into the construction of the automobile industry chain. He believes that the key components of electric vehicles are in the hands of suppliers, and the industrial structure of electric vehicles is a horizontal structure. "So when it comes to smart connected electric vehicles, technical barriers no longer exist. So electric vehicles, the Internet. Businesses and traditional businesses are on the starting line."
Realizing the vehicle-making model under the open Internet ecology Open and sharing is a new topic in the process of promoting the development of traditional industries.
Just as Le Yue's chairman Jia Yueting once claimed to the outside world, the core driving force for the future development of the global economy should be the restructuring of the vertically integrated value chain across industries, which is the Internet ecological model that LeTV is practicing. This is also the advantage of LeEco's ecology.
“Production and sale of products is only part of LeEco's SEE plan. LeTV really wants to build a car ecosystem that covers the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and conducts the whole life cycle value chain of the automobile, and is fully open to the outside world. Including capital, resources, research and development, production, sales, charging, after-sales and other all-round opening up, each point on the value chain is enlarged through open methods to create a new profit model." Lu Zhengyu said.
In this forum, the Internet Ecology Research Institute was established by LeTV Holdings Group, a theoretical and practical research platform open to the public. The company was founded by LeTV co-founder and vice chairman Liu Hong as the dean. Bank Governor Ma Weihua served as honorary president. Based on the ecosystem of LeTV's long-term innovation and practice, the Internet Ecology Institute aims to use the Internet to promote economic and social development by combining the domestic and international Internet ecological background and research results, focusing on the future trends and hotspots of China and global industries. The theoretical and practical research results support the national industrial upgrading and macro strategic layout.
It is reported that in February next year, the Internet Ecology Institute will release the first white paper.

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